Sunday, December 23, 2012

Riley turns SEVEN!

Saturday, we celebrated our sweet RiRi's birthday. He turned seven years old...yes...SEVEN!!! 
I can't believe it.
 I asked him if this could PLEASE be the LAST birthday we celebrate for him.
I mean... I'd really like it if he could just stay SEVEN...
 Or at the very least... promise me that he'll ALWAYS be little enough to sing "Jingle Bells" at the TOP of his lungs while baking;)

 Unfortunately, he didn't like my idea;)

And even though Ri's birthday wasn't until Saturday, he had enjoyed quite a few celebrations already!

We had a little party at my mom's earlier in the week AND had snowman doughnuts at school with all of Ri's sweet friends.  
 Christmas birthdays can be a bit of a challenge, but I actually think Ri enjoys having his this time of year.
He even said so over breakfast yesterday. 
"Who else in our family gets special surprises from Sam (our elf) AND gets to eat Christmas pancakes for breakfast"
He makes a good point--
that's definitely a perk of having a Christmas birthday!;) 

The boys made a fort next to the Christmas tree a few days ago and have been sleeping in it the last couple of nights. 
On the eve of Ri's birthday (while the boys were sound asleep) our elf Sam filled the fort with balloons. He also brought a very special "Happy Birthday" balloon for Ri all the way from the North Pole;)
For the birthday boys special breakfast on Saturday morning, the kids all had fun decorating their own Christmas tree pancakes.  
Can you say "SUGAR OVERLOAD"
Yup, but that's what birthdays are for, right?!?!?
And, of course, what birthday is complete with out PRESENTS! 
Always the BEST part of ANY birthday!
We were supposed to continue celebrating Ri's special day with friends later in the day, BUT unfortunately one of their kiddo's came down with a sick tummy. Instead of going ahead with our plans, we decided to wait until they feel better and celebrate with them one day this coming week.
The birthday celebrations continues on and on and on...
So in lieu of our outing... an indoor snowball fight, a Christmas movie, AND a Chocolate Eclair cake were this birthday boys requests!
Yup...having a Christmas birthday definitely has it's perks;)


Melanie said...

Aw, we so love that wonderful, handsome, sweet SEVEN year old boy!!! Happy Birthday Ri-ri! Wow, it sure does sound like Riley takes full advantage of the time of year when he was born, what a sweet guy to have such a great outlook! It's like the world is decorated & festive for his birthday,it does sound pretty nice!! (We were so bummed to cancel last night, but everyone seems to be feeling better so we can't wait to celebrate with you soon!) Happy Birthday Riley!

Brian & Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Riley! Looks like you all had a really fun day!

Sarah said...

happy birthday to a handsome seven year old! glad you have family close to celebrate with... and hoping you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas!