Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in Uptown

Friday morning, I decided to take the kids into uptown to visit the singing bears.
The Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra -- or the Bearstein Bears as they're affectionately referred to-- is one of Charlotte's most beloved Christmas attractions.
An orchestra of computerized bears play favorite holiday classics and perform for free daily in a building right across the street from where Shane works. 
But before heading to see the bears, the kids and I spent an little time at Discovery Place. 
We LOVE Discovery Place and it's quickly becoming one of our ALL-TIME favorite spots to visit in town. 
 Each of the kids have a favorite exhibit picked out, so even on a quick trip, we try and hit up each of them.

Uptown Charlotte looks especially beautiful this time of year. 
Festive decor is on almost every corner and the kids enjoyed admiring all the fun decorations. 
And just like I had hoped, the bears were a HUGE hit with Miss AK. 
She LOVED watching them sing, and both her and Sophie enjoyed dancing to the music. 
Another fun Christmas tradition--made just a little "sweeter"-- as we watched it through our baby girls eyes for the very first time;)


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