Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A visit to Christmas Town, USA

 Saturday night, we bundled up, loaded up, and then headed up to Christmas Town, USA (aka McAdenville, N.C.) 

 This was the second year in a row that our dear friends, the Robinson's joined us for a fun-filled and festive evening.
Sweet friends make EVERYTHING more fun!

This quiet little town is located only about thirty minutes from where
 we live and it is just BEAUTIFUL---
especially at Christmas time!
EVERY house and EVERY tree is dripping in lights and festive decor!

 I LOVE our annual visit here and it's always a "MUST DO" on our Christmas activity calendar every year. You can't help but leave this little town filled with incredible amounts of Christmas JOY!!

Addy-Kate was simply mesmerized by the beautiful, sparkling Christmas lights.

And all three little ones enjoyed singing with the lovely carolers.

Chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa made our evening complete...

 and we're already looking forward to our trip next year!


Bethany said...

Always my favorite trip during Christmas time too!

Melanie said...

There's really not much better than wonderful, sparkly Christmas lights! What a fun tradition & of course, your kids are adorbs!

April said...

Looks like such a great time! Thank you for sharing such great pictures! Family time is the best specially through the holidays. Blessings

Sarah said...

yay for a fun night with friends... special smiles from from AK... and memories for the season!