Saturday, December 15, 2012

A trip on the "Minivan Express"

 It's hard to sit down and write a "happy" post after all that transpired on Friday. My heart is just breaking. Breaking for all those sweet families who lost a loved one in the massacre. I just can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop thinking about those precious children, those heroic teachers, BUT more importantly I can't stop thinking about those mama's. Mama's, who just like me, had special plans for their kids this Christmas. Mama's who had presents already bought and wrapped, just waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. Mama's who hugged and kissed their sweet baby's goodbye Friday morning...for the very last time. Mama's who's hearts are literally torn apart right now, and nothing will ever make them feel whole again. I can't imagine. I just can't imagine and I don't want too.  And like so many of you, when tragedy strikes so close to home it makes me hug my babies a little longer and a little tighter. It reminds me to seize the moment because you just never know when life on this earth will end. It reminds me that this place is not our home!!
Oh Lord Jesus, come quickly!!!

We've had a semi-rough week over here (and I realize that is very relative). Three of the kids have been sick with the flu, which put a damper on the plans we had scheduled. Corban actually missed three days of school and, bless his heart, spent the majority of those days laying in the bed. Sophie and Hudson had it too, but they seemed to bounce back a little faster than Cor.
 I feel like we are in that waiting period right now. Waiting and watching to see who is showing signs of going down next. 

Friday night, the kids were feeling a little better, so we decided it was time to get out of the house for just a bit and have a little fun. 
We had a surprise for the kids planned.
After dinner was over, I told the kids to head upstairs and get their jammies on.
 What they didn't realize was that I had already laid out a new pair of Christmas pajamas on each one of their beds. Along with their pj's, I placed a golden ticket. A ticket for a round trip ride on the "Minivan Express"!
The kids were instructed to quickly put on their jammies and then head out to the van.
Shane collected their tickets and then helped everyone buckle up.
The kids were FULL of questions as to what was going on. 
"Where are we going?" "What are we doing?" 
"Are we going to Disney World?"

Say WHAT?!?!?!

No, it wasn't QUITE Disney, but it had to be the next best thing, right;)
We were going to look at Christmas Lights!!!
I think they tried not to look disappointed;)
We had been told about a house, that wasn't too far away from us, which had Christmas blow-ups the size of their actual house. Sure enough, as we rounded the corner in their development...there they were. Two of them. 
One gigantic Frosty the Snowman posed with his buddy, Rudolph the red-nosed-reindeer!
I'm not sure if they appreciated us traipsing through their yard or not, but we all hopped out of the car as fast as we could to "cheese it up" in front of Frosty.
I don't usually pass up a photo op when I see one--HA!
No more than a mile down the road from where we were, we had been told about another house that goes ALL out with the Christmas spirit!
This time it was an AMAZING light display--put to festive Christmas music, of course. 
It was INCREDIBLE and so much fun to watch.
Our last stop, AND definitely the "sweetest" of the night, was to the Dunkin Donuts.
Even when you're not feeling well, a sprinkled doughnut can work wonders. 
Talk about THE perfect way to end our fun-filled night on the "Minivan Express


Brian & Ashley said...

Love the jammies!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, Jenny!!!!! That is the cutest idea!!! You are an inspiring mother!

Mindy said...

You always do such creative things with your kids!!! LOVE the jammies! Where are they from?

Kelli said...

What a fun idea..and after Fridays news what a better way to spend the night with your loved ones.

Melanie said...

Oh, I saw this idea on PInterest & have been hoping to do it this year! I just LOVE it! Such a fun way to spend the evening together, but very low-key! The kids look adorable & the PJs you made are SO cute!!
Looks like they have added some more lights at the house in our old neighborhood, I can't wait to check it out!
Hope that everyone is continuing to feel better in your house!

paige said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! We have a Griswald family in our neighborhood and it's the highlight of every arrival home during this season!!!

"salembrookie" said...

Oh my goodness, I join you in the thought of wishing for Jesus to come quickly, and this not being our permanent home. I woke up in the middle of the night Friday night, crying as I thought about those families. God literally put in my head, unexpectedly, the Carrie Underwood song "Temporary Home." Such truth. I'll join you in praying for those families!

By the way - when I have kids one day, I hope that I am half as fun!! =)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

You two are awesome parents. Your kids are going to have the best memories!!!