Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Catch-up

It seems like every weekend flies by at warp speed. We are always running from one activity to the next, attempting to catch our breath in between. I can't wait for things to slow down just a bit! I LOVE being busy, but I'd also give anything to enjoy a quiet, relaxing Saturday at HOME!  I'd LOVE to stay in my jammies til noon and actually have time to sip a SECOND cup of coffee before running out the door. {AHHH BLISS}
 With the end of our sports season only a few weeks away though, maybe a lazy Saturday is in my future {maybe}.
 So once again, (since it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about our weekend--ugh) this is going to be a bullet point type post with LOTS and LOTS of photos. I think I took nearly 200 pictures over the course of the weekend;) Don't worry...I didn't include them all---just most of them-HA;)
Consider yourself warned;)

Terrific Kid Breakfast at the boys school.
Corban was chosen by his teacher to be this months Terrific Kid!
Each month, a different child from each grade is chosen based on the character trait they are focusing on at that time.
This month was Individuality.
Our Corban is growing into such a sweet young man.
  He is flourishing at school this year (prayer answered) and
we couldn't be prouder of him and his accomplishments!

Then it was off to a fun fall play date with some friends from church.
My friend, Kara hosted this awesome play date and the kids and I had an absolute BLAST!
The kids played while I enjoyed chatting with old friends and making new ones.
The weather was PERFECT, the costumes were stinkin' ADORABLE, and the fellowship was oh so SWEET!

 After dropping the boys off at practice, the little ones and I headed up to my sister's neck of the woods for yet another play date.
This time we were meeting her and her gang at the Romp n' Roll.
Romp n' Roll  was hosting a HUGE Halloween Bash complete with pizza, crafts, games, prizes and MORE.
The kids had a total BLAST!
 They would have been happy JUST hangin' with their cousins anywhere, but getting to hang with them at a super-duper place like THAT was an EXTRA special treat!
Oh, and to top it off...
After the Romp n' Roll Bash...Sophie and Hudson had a sleepover at their Mimi and Papa's house.
Talk about a DAY;)

Of course, Saturday was filled with the usual Saturday stuff...
I did my L-O-N-G run Saturday morning before heading out the door for games--which both boys WON--YES!!!) Then the boys headed to an awesome angry birds birthday party that afternoon.

 We headed out to watch my sister KK play in her very LAST soccer game of her college career.

 KK is senior this year and she has been blessed with FOUR great/healthy years playing soccer for her school!
She is quite the athlete and we are SOOOOO very proud of her!

She played an AWESOME game and we were so happy to cheer her on from the stands.
The BIGGEST blessing this weekend was that Corban's BEST(est) buddy Knox was here visiting from Tennessee. Knox's family used to live right up the street from us. During that time, Knox and Cor were inseparable!!! They were the BEST(est) of friends and what one did the other followed. I'd never seen such sweet, SWEET friends! Needless to say, when Knox moved away, we were devastated.
Knox and his family spent the weekend in town, and when we found out they were coming we jumped at the chance to have Knox stay with us!
Corban had the best time with his sweet buddy and they leaped right back in to where they had left off a year ago.  They were back outside, tossing a football around like they had never ever been apart.
Good friends are such blessings, and I'm so grateful Corban has found one in Knox!
There were many crocodile tears shed when they had to say goodbye on Sunday morning, BUT we are already looking forward to another visit this summer!!
We can't wait!
And that wraps up my weekend "catch-up" post--HA
Stay tuned..because there's sure to be more Halloween fun to follow...;)


Sarah said...

YAY corban! YAY kelly! and, oh my goodness, what darling little costumes on your youngest ones!

Celia Jimenez said...

Phew..slow down girl!!! :-) Congrats to Cor...he is definitely a terrific kid! Love Hud in that costume!

Melanie said...

Wow, what a fun weekend!! And as always your kids are the most darling, cutest around! They are always the cutest cheering section & I love their hearts to encourage & cheer each other & your family on!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Way to go, Corban! Your family always has so much fun and you take such cute pictures of them!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

If I could have a do over I'd run track and play soccer. Fun stuff! I love my long run Saturday's then ballet & soccer it. :)