Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweet Tuesday (take 2)

It seems that I accidentally hit the publish button (instead of save) on this post BEFORE I had even written it! I didn't realize it until late last night.
 Oh well;)
Here is the completed post...
 On Tuesday morning, the little ones and I decided to join the boys at school for lunch. It was a beautiful day outside, so instead of driving over to the school, we decided to walk.
Sophie, Hudson and Addy-Kate LOVE visiting the boys at school!! 
 They think they're pretty hot stuff, hanging out and eating in the cafeteria with the BIG kids;)
And this year, since both boys have their lunch breaks back to back (and actually sit at the same table too) it makes our sweet lunch dates with them that much easier!
After school let out for the day, we packed up and headed over to the park to watch my brother, Tim, play in his LAST soccer game of the season.
Tim is a senior this year and this was actually the last regular season game he'll play in for high school.
During half-time, the coach and faculty at the school took time to recognize and honor each senior that played on the team.
It was definitely a bitter-sweet moment.
My kids always have so much fun watching their uncle (and aunts for that matter) play in their games.
They love sitting (and playing) on the sidelines while cheering their team onto victory!
Yup, our crew makes up quite the adoring little fan club;)

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