Monday, October 22, 2012

It's pumpkin time!

This weekend was once again chocked-full of nothin' but more FALL fun! Our calendar was packed and our days were busy. Weekends are not very relaxing around these parts, and that's okay. I kind-of like it that way;) Saturday morning, before we headed out to the CHAMP fields for the boys games, I had a long run. I'm gearing up for my marathon on November 17th. Only four weeks away-AHHHHH!!! After I ran the Savannah race last year, I vowed I would NEVER do a marathon again. Well, this spring, the runner bug bit me...and it bit hard;) That, coupled with a little peer pressure from my running partners, and I was motivated enough to sign up for the Charlotte race this fall. This weekend was our 19 miler...ugh! I'll be honest, I was COMPLETELY dreading the run, but I made it through and thankfully finished strong. Next week is our longest run yet. It's our 20 miler. After that we start to taper, which I'm really REALLY looking forward too;)
Anyone else doing long runs over the these next few weeks?? 
I'd LOVE to hear how you get through them;)
As soon as I got home from the run, it was back out the door for games.
Both boys played extremely well.
Cor's football team tied and Ri's soccer team walked away with a win!
After games were over, we rushed home for quick naps before we had to head back out the door. 
Saturday night, we were heading to our Sunday School Classes Annual Pumpkin Carve!
Jeff and Stephanie open up their home every year and host this fun class social.
Let me just tell you... this sweet family knows how to throw a party.
First of all, you have to understand that there were probably over 50 people there--30 (plus) of those were KIDDOS!!!
YES...there is definitely some CRAZY FUN to be had!!!
Our kids have a BLAST and LOVE hanging out and playing with their friends.
After a delicious potluck dinner, it was time for the pumpkin carving to commence.

Shane was the mastermind behind our jack-o-lantern this year and he worked really hard on this project. There were moments when we weren't quite sure if it would turn out, but that hard work payed off and our pumpkin looked AWESOME.

I'll tell you, it was a far cry from the creation Shane made at last years pumpkin carve.
Remember THIS...our throwing-up pumpkin;)
 Yeah...I liked THIS year's pumpkin MUCH better;)
Our fun, fall evening was made complete with a cake walk, popcorn, and movie under the stars.
What a GREAT night!
Thanks Davis family;)

Once we got home, it was straight to the BATH and then BED for our kids.
Corban and Riley were especially excited about their sleeping arrangements for the night though. 
They had constructed a fort in the living room earlier in the day and I had agreed to let them sleep in it Saturday night. They were beyond excited! 
Sometimes, it's just the little things, you know?!?;)
And look who was the first one to sneak in for a snuggle on Sunday morning...
I LOVE these three sweet sleepy heads!
Sunday, we headed to church, but before we left, I had to stop and snap a few pics of my girls in their pumpkin dresses.
Lookin' sweeter than a pumpkin pie, I must say;)

And speaking of pumpkin pie...we had THIS for dinner on Sunday evening.
Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes topped with pumpkin butter!
If you haven't tried them, you are surely missing out!
It's like heaven in your mouth...not kidding;)


Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Go Jenny!! Once a runner, always a runner! =) Looks like another wonderful weekend for you guys!

Maydelin said...

loved the fort!! little things make great memories.... great weekend

Melanie said...

It was SUCH a fun weekend full of fall festivities! The pumpkin carve is always a highlight of fall & Shane's pumpkin this year was top notch! Lol, I had forgotten about the vomiting jack-o-lantern last year! I love that the kids slept in a fort Sat night, you are totally right, it IS the simple things!
Oh, and way to go in your marathon training! Wow, I don't know HOW you do it all! Amazing!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Going to Trader Joe's today, I'll have to look for it. Great pumpkin party, this year our kids painted theirs and then will carve some the day or two before Halloween. It's just so hot here that they go bad if we carve them too early.
Girl, I can't believe you're doing another marathon!! You're Super Woman. I can't wait to hear how it goes. My long run this weekend will be 11 miles.


Kelly said...

I love the pictures! What fun weekend adventures are! :)

My hubby is getting ready to run a 196 mile Ragnar Relay Race from Chattanooga to Nashville. It's November 9-10. He's never run any races before, so I'm really proud of him pursuing this!