Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ready for F-A-L-L

FINALLY, the weather is beginning to turn and feel a little more like fall. I just LOVE it.
It's not too chilly yet, but a light jacket is needed if you are heading out the door in the morning.
There is definitely a crispness in the air.
 This is, hands-down, my most favorite time of the year, and I especially enjoy "titivating" our little house and getting it ready for the season.
It just makes the house feel warm and cozy inside.
I've added a pumpkin door hanging to our fall decor this year too.
 I've made some other burlap door hangings before, (see post here) so I just followed the same instructions to make the pumpkin.
 Not only is the house looking a little more fallish (is that a word?!?!), but it's smelling that way too.
Thanks to our recent trip to the apple orchard, the kids and I have been busy in the kitchen trying out lots of new apple recipes. 
Two of my favorites are from the blog:
I'm seriously in LOVE with this girl. 
She's got some of the best apple recipes EVER!!!
Her Apple Muffins are DELICIOUS!!!!
And her Apple Crisp Pizza is the BEST APPLE DESSERT I'VE EVER TASTED!
I'm. not. kidding. 
If you're looking for some great've got to check her sight out.
 Our meal menu last week included several of her dinner ideas too and we have yet to be disappointed.
This week I'm going to try some of her pumpkin recipes!!
Can't wait;)
All I can say is "Bring on Fall"!!!


Melanie said...

LOVE all of your fall decorations! I have been bringing ours out, too. And I totally agree, this is the BEST time of year! Your fall mantle-scape is gorgeous, love, love it! And did you make up the cute fall printable on your kitchen island or did you download it somewhere? Totally cute! Your house is always so warm & inviting!

Colleen said...

your mantle looks so pretty! Ok, now I want to check out that blog for the recipes!!!

I love the little blue chalkboard you have. where did you find that? so cute!

Faith said...

Everything looks so pretty and inviting - I love it all! Fall is my favorite time of year for sure =)

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny,

I don't know whether to thank you for introducing me to 'The Girl Who Ate Everything' or punch you. LOL. Seriously, I'm now the girl who pinned everything. Looks amazing...all of it. Love your decor btw. xo, Jessica

Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1...and.... said...

So pretty! I cannot wait to have a HOME again! =)

Caroline said...

So beautiful! I can finally decorate now that Chandlers party is over.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Your house is beautifully decorated for Fall!
Thanks for sharing that link. Just checked it out, and I'm hooked!

Anonymous said...

Your mantle looks so nice !!! I love this time of year too :)