Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Gopher Buddies

Wednesday evenings at our house have quickly become one of the most anticipated nights of the week. It's not because our favorite television show is airing, or because our favorite sports team is playing, but it's because it' night!!! My kids are actually SUPER excited about going to church, and that makes me super excited too!!!
This year, while the "big boys" participate in AWANA once again, Sophie and Hudson have finally graduated from the nursery into "Gopher Buddies"!
And I must say, they are THE PROUDEST little gophers you'd ever wanna meet;)
They love attending club each week; where they learn new songs, play fun games, and have yummy snacks.
I love that they attend club each week and are taught WHO Jesus is, learn God's Word, and are encouraged to serve others!
Our church does an incredible job with both the AWANA and the Gopher Buddy program and
 I'm so thankful for the emphasis and passion they place on our children!
I know my family is blessed by the plethora of faithful volunteers it takes to make these programs run smoothly.
Volunteers who faithfully AND wholeheartedly sacrifice time and energy each week to pour TRUTH into my kids.
Volunteers who I KNOW are impacting my kids for eternity!
I am FOREVER grateful!!!
And purely for fun...
On one of the very first nights of club, Sophie and Hudson helped me bake these little "Gopher" cupcakes for their class.
It was just a fun way to kick-start the beginning of a GREAT year.

I know two little gophers who are especially excited to "DIG" deeper into Gods Word each and every week!!!

Oh, and just a thought...wouldn't these cupcakes be a cute treat for groundhog day too...just sayin';)


Melanie said...

And you sure do have two of THE cutest Gopher Buddies around! And those cupcakes were the cutest.things.ever...and tasted quite yummy, too!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

SO cute. I wish our church filled 'church jobs' on a volunteer basis. Instead we are "called" to certain assignments and some aren't always my favorite. I guess I should be willing to do whatever is asked of me but I'd rather have the chance to volunteer for something that I'm good at or enjoy doing. I guess I need a better attitude. :)