Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our First Fundraiser;)

To All My Sweet Friends in Blog land,
Many of you have been following our family blog for several years now. You rejoiced with us as we journeyed through Sophie's domestic adoption a little over three and a half years ago. You followed along as we welcomed our first foster daughter, Miss A, into our home, and cried with us as we said goodbye a few months later. And now, as we prepare to welcome our newest little one home from China, you have loved, encouraged, and supported us with your kinds words and sweet comments. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! just a few short months, Shane and I will board a plane and head to the other side of the world. This summer, our lives will forever be changed as we meet our newest addition for the very first time. Little Miss Yu Hu Ying (soon to be Adelyn Kate) is waiting for us in an orphanage in the Shaanxi Province of China. She will be turning two on June 2nd--just three days before Corban's 9th birthday! My mommy heart is praying that we will have her in our arms ON or even before her second birthday, but we have to wait several more weeks before we know our travel information. Needless to say, our hearts yearn to meet our little girl and our arms ache to hold her close, but we trust the Lord is keeping her safe and comforting her little spirit until the time comes for us to be together.
When our family decided to embark on this exciting journey, Shane and I agreed that we would have to get creative in order to come up with the money necessary to fund this adoption. The Lord had already proven Himself faithful to us as we walked through Sophie's domestic adoption a few years ago, so we had no doubt that He would do the same for us this time around too! This adoption will cost us around $24,000.00. However, a portion of that will be given back to us in the way of the Adoption Tax Credit, and Shane is also eligible to receive an employee adoption credit from his place of business once our adoption is finalized. After those credits are in place, our family will still be responsible to come up with about $6,000.00. We talked about doing different fundraisers, but nothing seemed to be the right fit for our family...until now. We were just recently introduced to and the wonderful fund raising opportunities they have available for adoptive families. To us, this type of fundraiser just seemed like a win-win for all involved. Basically, for ONLY $20 you will receive a $50 E- gift certificate to These gift certificates can be redeemed at over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. For every purchase made, our family receives $10 which will go directly into our adoption fund. You can check out our web page at for more information and to see a list of participating restaurants. 
We totally understand that you may not be able to purchase a gift certificate at this time, and that is fine. We would then ask you to consider passing our web site information on to others you know who may be interested. Above anything else though, we truly covet your prayers for our family as we prepare our hearts and home for Miss Addy-Kate!
We are humbled to be on this journey and thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for you willingness to partner with us!!

With Much Love, 
Shane and Jenny
Corban, Riley, Sophie, Hudson and (soon to be)Addy-Kate 


"salembrookie" said...

Adoption stories bring me to tears...especially yours! As soon as I am able, I will definitely buy a coupon. And prayers will definitely be lifted! =)

Melanie said...

Praying that you have a wonderful response to this fundraiser! I can't wait to check it out myself...great reason for a date night!!!

jenn said...

I just purchased my certificate! I'm happy to help you on your journey to bring Addy-Kate home!! :-)

Kelley E. said...

I somehow stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad I did. Adoption is so near & close to my heart. I'll be praying for your daughter in China, and your upcoming travels. I know you can't wait to have her home with you!

Love Being A Nonny said...


Just purchased.....glad to have been a small part. Will continue to pray!