Friday, January 20, 2012

Bobcats Game Day EXPERIENCE!

I cannot believe it's Friday already. Boy, did this week fly by! I'm so thankful that the weekend is just around the corner and that my sweet hubby will be home tonight after being gone all week!
I've been a little slack in my blogging lately, so I'm going to have to do some caching up.

On Monday, since my boys had the day off from school AND since Shane had the day off from work, we had something fun planned. My wonderful mom watched the two little ones while the rest of our crew spent the entire day at the Bobcats arena!

It was a day of nothin' but Bobcats, basketball and FUN!

A little boys day in paradise!
Over the years, our boys have been blessed to be a part of a group call Dynamic Performance Sports. DPS is a Christ centered organization that not only teaches kids the rules of the game, but also how to reach their God-given potential off the field as well. My boys have participated in their sports camps and  several of their mini-training camps. DPS is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and as a way to commemorate the occasion they invited family's like ours, who have been a part of DPS, to join them for a day of fun at the Bobcats arena!
When we told the boys exactly WHAT their day would hold...they were ecstatic!! 
Jumping up and down, shrieks and screams, high-fives and chest bumps...yup, that's how we show our enthusiasm around here.

After arriving at the stadium, the kids were invited onto the court for some shooting practice.
Shot after shot, they aimed at that ten foot high goal. I was actually quite impressed at how many balls went in! They made it look easy, so I too decided to give it a try!
I did my best good- ole'- granny- shot but still missed the goal entirely.
I then had listen to my sweet little boys yell..."AIR-BALL"!

Once the shoot around was over, it was time for some organized games.
The boys competed in some speed drills, shoot outs, and relay races.

Just like the pro's, they practiced offense, defense, and how making shots under pressure.
After a FULL morning ON the court, it was time to head outside to re-fuel with a picnic lunch!

 Chi-fil-@ provided FREE chicken sandwiches to all who were there with DPS.
LOVE us some Chic-fil-@!!!
After lunch, we headed back inside where we enjoyed a brief tour of the stadium.

The boys even got a chance to help the camera crew direct a sports news clip which was being filmed while we were there!

Soooo cool!!!

Then with popcorn in one hand and cotton candy in the other,
it was time to find our seats!
 It was GAME TIME!!!
It was a CLOSE game, but unfortunately for us--
 our Bobcats couldn't pull through with the win!
And although we lost,  my boys were still smiling!
Not even a disappointing loss could wipe the joy and pure delight from their faces--
for they had just spent the day in little boy heaven;)


Jessica Washburn said...

OH my goodness, too cute. I love how excited they are to be there! Looks like a fun day for all of you. :)

Sarah said...

your little guys are ALL boy! love their enthusiasm for anything that involves a ball... and i bet shane doesn't mind it either. :)

jenn said...

What a fun day!! My oldest would LOVE a day like that!