Friday, December 16, 2011

TGIF...and a holiday party;)

 I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am that today is Friday!!!! With Sophie and Hudson under the weather for several days now, and Shane out of town since Sunday, it's been a rather wild week! Shane comes homes TODAY (yay!!!!!) AND it's also the last day of school for my big boys until NEXT YEAR!!!!! Christmas break is finally here and we get to enjoy TWO full weeks off!!!
Yesterday, I got to spend some time at school with my sweet Ri!
The kids were all invited to wear their cozy PJ's to school as they celebrated the upcoming holiday season!
There were three other moms, along with myself, who were responsible for organizing this Kindergarten class party. Our theme was "Gingerbread"! I was put in charge of the craft;) I thought the kids might enjoy decorating their own individual gingerbread house, so before the party I hot glued graham crackers around empty milk cartons to resemble tiny gingerbread houses.

 During the party, Riley and his friends had fun being creative and decorating their own little house.

Parents in the class sent in candy and icing for the kids to use, so imaginations could go wild as there was a plethora of sweet treats to decorate with!

For snack, the kids enjoyed homemade gingerbread waffles--topped with syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

The waffles were a HUGE hit and oh my goodness did they smell heavenly as they baked. The recipe used was from here. I plan to make these again for breakfast one day next week.

The kids also had fun playing a round or two of "gingerbread bingo"...

 and listening to the story about the Gingerbread boy!

This was the first time all year that I actually got to spend some time IN Riley's classroom. With two little ones still at home, it's hard for me to get over to the school for much more than an occasional lunch date.

I have to say, I was so super impressed with Ri's teacher, Mrs. Becker. She possessed the PERFECT combination of fun and enthusiasm, while still maintaining control and order with in her classroom. I LOVE her and am so thankful that Riley gets to spend this year with such an AMAZING teacher!

Oh, what a fun-filled morning it was and I soooo enjoyed spending it with my sweet Ri!


Jessica Washburn said...

That's a great craft Jenny...way to go! I wish I loved being in a crazy classroom full of kids. :) I go only when absolutely necessary. Ha, ha! I think I'll have to use that waffle recipe. Thanks!! Have a good weekend and sorry you've had sick kids. Jess

Melanie said...

Sweet Ri-ri is getting more handsome every day! What a FUN party! Those waffles sound delish!! It is always so fun & such a blessing to get to help out in the kids' classrooms! Great pic of you & Riley!!