Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cupcakes, the dentist, cousins, and gingerbread fun!

Yes, I know...that is the most random post title EVER, but I can't think of anything better. And because my day was filled with all of those things, it'll just have to do;)

Yesterday morning, I headed over to the boys school for Corban's Christmas party. 
I LOVE being a part of school parties. It gives me a chance to meet some of the kids in Cor's class as well as some of their parents. 
The kids were asked to bring in a wrapped book to school.  As they listened to a story being read aloud, each time they heard the word "snow" they passed their book to the left. 
At the end of the story, whatever book they had was the one they got to keep. 
It was a fun way to exchange gifts, and the kids seemed to really enjoy it!
After the book exchange, it was time for the REAL fun to begin. The room mom in Corban's class came up with a super idea. She had the kids decorate their own personal cupcake.  And for a fun and challenging twist, after they were done decorating, the cupcakes were going to be judged by the head of the school cafeteria. 
It was a rendition of Cupcake Wars, but third grade style;)
The class was instructed to sketch out a few ideas on paper before they actually began to create their cupcake.
Corban got to work sketching out a few ideas he had. He didn't have a lot of time, so I encouraged him to go with the plan that he thought was the simplest to complete.
He decided to create a Rudolph-the-red-nose-reindeer cupcake and (I must say) it turned out super cute!!
I guess the judge thought so too, because Corban was awarded FIRST PLACE!
As a prize, he was given a gift certificate for a free cupcake from SAS cupcakes;)
He was super excited!!!
After the party was over, Corban (who we had to check out of school early) and I raced back home to pick the up the other kids. We then headed back out the door to the dentist.
All four kiddo's had dental appointments scheduled for Tuesday morning.
This was actually Hudson's first cleaning, and lets just say he was less than thrilled about it. 
He cried most of the visit, but his crying actually made it easier for the hygienist to clean his little teeth;)
Bless his heart!
Sophie on the other hand was a CHAMP! Six months ago, when she had her last check-up, that was not the case. She screamed and cried her way through the entire visit. However, this time around, she did GREAT. They were even able to do x-rays!
Thankfully, they ALL received great reports, 
and once again everyone was cavity free!!!
No cavities is a reason to celebrate, right?!?!
We think so. So celebrate we did!! 
We headed over to SAS cupcake, and Corban spent that gift certificate he had earned earlier in the morning!
Tuesday's are their two dollar cupcake days, so we all got to enjoyed a little treat along with him!!
Cupcakes for lunch!?!?!
Why not!!
Later in the evening, we met my mom and three sisters at the Ballantyne hotel to tour their beautiful gingerbread house display!
I love how excited my kids get as they admire each and every house.
"I like this one, mommy!" 
"Wow, check this one out!" 
"How cool is this one!"
"Hey mom, we should make one like this next year!"
"I want to live in a house like this, mommy!"
And on and on the admiration continued!
Each house so unique and different.
I attempted a cousin shot, but this was the best I got. 
And we are missing one...
where's Jake?
Ah...too much to do and explore to sit still for a picture;)
We finished the night out with dinner at Wendy's, 
and frosty's for everyone for dessert!


Jessica Washburn said...

Wow Jenny, your energy is endless!! I LOVE the cupcake decorating contest idea and the book exchange...awesome ideas. Have a fab day. :) Jess

Kristin said...

Wow! You are BUSY!! We went to the hotel last week for the gingerbread display, but it wasn't set up yet :( I guess we'll try to get there this week! :)

Courtney said...

What a fun day.That gingerbread house display looks so neat.

Melanie said...

Looks like Corban certainly takes after his Mommy in the area of cute decorative food! Way to go, Cor!! Whew, what a fun, jam-packed, filled with good times day! That's what is so great about this time of year!

Jaime and Josh said...

Your blog is always my favorite to read!
You do so many fun outings/activities and crafts with your kiddos :)
I have to ask, did you make the rudolph shirts?
Or did you get them off etsy, it would be perfect for my son Lucas!