Thursday, July 14, 2011

!!!!yaD sdrawkcaB yppaH

 Today was backwards day in our house. 
Our slip read...It's backwards day and just for fun;
Our day will END before it BEGUN!

I thought about serving dinner foods for breakfast today, but I didn't think my kids would really eat it. I mean who really wants pizza or spaghetti for BREAKFAST right?!?! 
Anyway, I stuck with our usual breakfast foods, but served them in a backwards kind-of way;)
We enjoyed upside down blueberry muffins and sunny side DOWN eggs!

 And as an added treat, I let the kids eat upstairs in the bonus room instead of in the kitchen.
The babies didn't quite "get" the whole backwards theme, but they still sported their clothes backwards and gobbled up their yummy backwards breakfast!!

 The boys on the other hand took our backwards day to the next level. 
Here they are drinking their juice boxes upside down--of course!

They walked around backwards, tried talking backwards, called each other by different names,
 and even wore their shoes on the wrong feet!

 We picnicked by the pool this afternoon, and of course the kids got to eat their dessert before digging into their lunch;)
That may have been the most exciting part of the day for them!!

They then practiced their backstroke...

 and the babies showed me how they could float on their backs too;)

Tonight, we played a little game...

The boys had to decode several backward messages by reading them using the mirror.

Our backwards day was made complete when we sat down and enjoyed cinnamon pancakes, spinach and cheese scrambled eggs, and turkey sausages for dinner!
 I love having breakfast for dinner and the kids seemed to really enjoy it too!

 !!!!yaD sdrawkcaB yppaH


Kristin said...

So cute!! I love all these creative ideas!

Karen said...

Another fun thing for backwards day: we like to call each other their names backward. for instance Micah would be: Hacim. Jordan would be Nadroj and Tim would be Mit. its fun.

Bethany said...

skooL ekil nuf!

paige said...


Melanie said...

Love, love, LOVE! What a fun idea & I love how the big boys really got into it! What a great way to make an ordinary day extraordinary! You rock!

Courtney said...

What a fun day! My kids at school are always into it when we do backwards day.

Terri said...

What fun!!! My kids actually love pizza or mac & cheese for breakfast. When I make either, I always make lots so that they can have the leftovers for a day or two for breakfast. What a fun summer your kids are having! Blessings!

bella said...

You have the greatest activites for your children! Were you a teacher before you had children? It sounds like it. Your children are lucky to have such a loving, involved mother.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That's so cute! It looks like they had fun!