Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

So the weekend has come and gone and today we once again woke up to beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground. School was canceled for the day (YAY) and so were our other commitments for this evening. Today the plan is...well... we have NO plan, and that's such a treat! Truth be told, it's 11:30 am, I'm STILL in my PJ's AND so are the kids. That really rarely happens around here, but I'm enjoying it!!! (Shane's at work today though--bummer. He went on in early this morning. Oh well, someone has to pay the bills around here right!?!?)
What a nice way to ease into a busy week.

We had a GREAT weekend. Shane arrived home from his trip late Friday afternoon--with dinner in hand. (L-O-V-E that man!) The kids were over the moon to see their Daddy and showered him with plenty of love as he walked in the door. Even the dog took part in the greeting. Molly was so excited, her tail was wagging so hard that she almost knocked the babies over.

Saturday morning, Corban played in his first ever basketball game.

He's playing with the YMCA, but all his games are played at a church right around the corner.

Align CenterThe boys played great and they won their season opener!!!!

Cor's best buddy Knox was able to come cheer the team on.

Miss Sophie Lu (our precious diva) cheering from the sidelines!

Sweet Hud enjoyed the game too!

And RiRi can't wait to be big enough to play!

The best part of the weekend was that Shane and I were able to sneak away
for a few hours for a date night!

We used a gift certificate we won at our Sunday School Class Christmas party this past year, and headed over to 131 Main. was it delicious!!!
I had the crab cake salad and it was to AWESOME.
And Shane really enjoyed the surf and turf!

--Seriously though, we could have eaten at McDonald's and we would probably have raved about that food just as much too!! You know when you don't have to cook it, or cut it up into tiny bite-size pieces for everyone-- it all tastes great--right?!?

Well, I guess I should hop off now and get something productive done today.
To all my NC friends...stay warm and enjoy this AWESOME snow day!


Faith said...

Oh girl, I seriously heart 131 Main! Their cajun fish sandwich is sooo yummy and I do love their crab cake salad too. So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Deidre said...

Isn't the snow so beautiful? We have about 4 inches in Hickory and it's still coming down. We're enjoying the day at home too.

You're right - any place you can go and not cut up anyone's food or have uninteruppted conversation is like a gourmet meal :)

Melanie said...

What a lovely weekend! So glad for you guys to get away on a date night, especially after Shane being gone all week!
Way to go Cor on his b-ball debut & win! That is awesome!
Enjoy your snow day!

These Are The Days said...

It's so fun watching our little do sports isn't it? Great pics and yay for fun snow and no school! :)

Check out my KITCHEN & LAUNDRY makeover today!!

Have a fabulous week Jenny.

LAURA said...

Aww- Corbin looks so cute playing basketball :) We loved our snowday/lazy pj day today too. Glad you got a date night and 131 is SO good! - work close to the one in Huntersville so we would normally just go for lunch and get salads and soup-to-DIE-for!

The Corwins said...

Hooray for date nights!!! Enjoy the snow today! I think you're getting a lot more than us...

Kitchen Belleicious said...

Your blog and about me is a breath of fresh air. I hate to say this but I feel like i already know you! I just clicked on your site from a comment you left on another blog I follow and I am just beside myself. You share my same passion for your family and our Lord that I do. Your kids are absolutely adorable and how amazing it has to be to be able to foster those girls. Truly a way to shine the light. I seriously look forward to reading your site each week and hopefully getting to know you better! I hope you have a fabulous and blessed day! XO

Kara said...

You got tons more snow than us! We did go out and enjoy it though! I hope to post pics soon! Your kids are too cute! Glad you all had fun!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a great weekend! I'm so glad you got a date night!