Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A "Snow Much Fun!" Day

Could you hear the hooting and hollering going on over here?!?!?
Yeah...that was my kids.
They were so excited because today we were blessed with yet another SNOW DAY!!!!

I have a little confession to make though. I think my boys played a little too much Wii yesterday. Yeah...they had fun, and were totally occupied (for hours) while I busied myself around the house, but I did feel a tad bit guilty about it---ok a LOT guilty!! So with today being snow day number two, I ruled that it was also a no Wii day! You can only imagine how well THAT went over with my boys. Okay, so maybe I caved in a little and it wasn't a total "No Wii day" BUT it was pretty close!

So if there was no Wii {or t.v. for that matter} for the day, this mama had to be creative and come up with something to fill the hours stuck at home. My own personal insanity was depending on it y'all;) With a few ideas on my mind, and a few tricks up my sleeve, I declared to the kids that today was going to be a "SNOW MUCH FUN" day.
This idea definitely peaked my boys interest, but they weren't totally sold on it yet!
I had to slowly win them over;)

First on the docket...fill them up with a fun (yes, sugary) breakfast!

I thought ahead,

and had Shane pick up some white powdered doughnuts
on his way home from work last night.

I added a few chocolate chips for eyes, and a orange gum drop for the nose,

and "voila"...a perfect breakfast to kick off our "snow much fun" day!

After breakfast, it was time for project # 1...Building with marshmallows and toothpicks. Such a simple thing to do, but it literally kept them busy for over an hour. They built, took apart, and built again.

Yes, any project we do around here there are always lots of little hands ready to "help"!

The boys were pretty proud of their creation!

Then it was time to bundle up and head outside for a bit.

The nice fluffy snow that we enjoyed yesterday was no more.

No...that beautiful snow was now covered in a thick coat of slick, hard ice.

It was still fun to run and crunch through though, and PERFECT for PAINTING.

Yes project #2 was Snow Painting!

The kids had a blast spraying bottles full of food coloring onto the snow/ice.

Then we headed out front to the driveway where the kids proceeded to literally use it as a great big slide. Yes, our driveway was one huge sheet of ice.

The kids could start at the top, and then slide all the way down to the curb on their little bottoms.
They had a blast. Even I gave it a go.
I'm sure I was quite the sight for any of my neighbors watching;)

It was then time to head in to warm up and grab some lunch.

Our "Snow Much Fun" day theme continued with the boys each making their own personal "snowman" sandwich to eat.

Then this afternoon, after the babies went down for their naps, and Corban was off playing at a friends, Riley and I got busy in the kitchen once again with project #3---

"Snowball Cookies"

This was the perfect treat to end our "Snow Much Fun" day!

~Oh, y'all, I just got word that school is canceled for tomorrow too!
I guess this mama will be once again be cooking up some more creative ideas to keep the natives from becoming too restless!
Bring on Snow Day #3!!!!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I LOVE the snow painting idea. I am going to do that with mine. I think we have another snow day tomorrow.

Caroline said...

You are too cute and such a fun mom!

Jessica said...

You are so creative! Looks like you had so much fun! I totally wish it snowed where we live.

Kristin said...

How in the world did you come up with so many great creative ideas in one day?! Looks like y'all had fun! :) I'm ready for this snow and ice to melt...cabin fever is setting in...it's pretty, but it's gotta go!

LAURA said...


You come up with some of the cutest crafts and ideas to do with your kids! Painting the snow and making snowman themed cookies, sandwiches, and doughnuts- too cute! I was hoping more of our snow/ice melted today but maybe it will get better tomorrow!
Have a good week!


Amanda said...

I love all the really cute ideas you have for your children! I am a Pre-K teacher so I will have to use some of theses Ideas at school! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How on earth do you think of these things?!? We spent the day playing with legos and watching videos. I am in awe. Seriously. Kudos to you!

Stacy said...

Way to go!! You are certainly one creative momma! I'm sure that snow day will go down in the history books with your kiddos. Love all your ideas and family fun.

I'm sure you'll have some great ideas for snow day #3!

Much love,

Brian & Ashley said...

How fun! You came up with great ideas! Sliding down the driveway sounds like a lot of fun to me. Enjoy day #3!

paige said...

Love it!!! That pic of the little ones on the table with the marshmallow project is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!! You're such an awesome mama!!!!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

You are going to be EXHAUSTED and need a MOMMY DAY soon! I love the toothpick marshmallow idea!!

These Are The Days said...

OK, whatever...mom of the year! No really though, it looks like so much fun for them. I just want a powdered donut! :)

Darlene said...

quick thinking stacy!!! I am SO going to steal your toothpick and marshmallow idea. Only, what will I do with them once they hit their sugar high????

Melissa said...

You are "SNOW" awesome...sorry, I couldn't resist :) Honestly, you have the coolest (no pun intended) ideas in baking and activities. I think I'm going to borrow the snowman donut for my students with autism. It'll be a fun activity for them to do, and since we don't have snow in LV, I can't do the spray paint idea. Enjoy your third snow day tomorrow and can't wait to see what ideas you come up with! :)

Annie said...

You did a lot of things with the kids. Great ideas!

Have fun on day 3

caycee said...

Looks they loved the snow!! You are so creative, and I know you are making your kids life so fun!!!

Melanie said...

Okay, so you TOTALLY win the Best Use of a Snow Day Award! What fantastic ideas! The toothpicks & marshmallows may make an appearance here tomorrow! And I love the painting the snow idea, too! I am just a mean, boring mom who made my kids read & color to keep them from too much Wii & TV!
All of the pics are adorable!! Did Cor take the one of you & Riley? It is great!

Ashlee said...

You are such an AWESOME mom and you have given me some great ideas!!! Very cute!

Deidre said...

I love all the ideas. We're on day 2 as well (well, now heading into day 3) and I had to come up with somethings to occupy my girls' time/minds. I'm still glad they're here though. Better than dropping them off at school :)

Jillian said...

I love your ideas for snow day! The marshmallows and toothpicks are genius! We'll have to try that--simple yet so clever! Looks like ya'll had fun!

Christie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! love how our families are a lot alike :) I LOVE your snow much fun day ideas. I am totally going to do this with my kiddos :) So just a warning...I may be posting something that looks alot like your post. but I will give you credit for the idea :)

jenn said...

I just adore your family and all your creative ideas! How do you do it? I have four and somedays barely have the energy to get through the basic duties of the day!!

a fun activity we have done in the past is to freeze a large bowl of water and then "dump" the ice onto a large plate that has a deep rim or a cookie sheet. then, sprinkle just a little salt on the top & sides and the kids take turn adding a few drops of food coloring on top of the ice. as the ice melts, the food coloring goes into the ice and you have rainbow ice!! (of course, you will need to put your bowl of water in the freezer overnight)

Have a great snow day!!

Sarah said...

alrighty... expect to see the peeler boys snow painting soon too! great idea! your kids are darling - and so is their momma!

Katie said...

Love all your ideas! I think I'll remember them for when the boys are a little older. The toothpicks and marshmellows are awesome. ; ) Such a FUN mom.

Celia Jimenez said...

I echo Melanie...except I'm more mean b/c we did school EVERY snow day we've had! :-) No fun, yummy crafts over there...thus no fun exciting blogs either! LOL...fun times w/the Bruces...everyone wants to be a Bruce!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You are such a fun mom! Love all the creative ideas you came up with!
P.S. I would totally join the kids in sliding down the driveway, too. ;)

dawn k. massey said...

since we are on day 4 of no school we used your marshmallow craft/project!! thanks so much for sharing and hope you are enjoying 4 days in a row of snow days!!!! oh and i loved loved running into you the other week - great to see you and your sweet kiddos!!

ashley said...

so impressed!!! i think you get super mom award!! thinking i may go get some toothpicks and marshmellows out right now!!! thanks for the great ideas!!

CarolinaGirl said...

You are such a fun Mommy! They look adorable!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

OMG you are to much! That is such cute stuff for the kids. We got snow too!