Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi there... it's me, Sophie! Mommy said it was okay to hop on the computer for a minute and tell you all about me and my little brother. I turned 11 months old yesterday, and my brother Hudson, well he turned 4 months old. Since mommy is teaching my brothers that girls always go first, I guess I'll go ahead and tell you all about me first.

I really am getting to be such a big girl! I've discovered lots of new "tricks" lately. I can crawl (really fast) anywhere and everywhere I want to go.

My favorite place to crawl is definitely on the stairs. They are so much fun. I can't figure it out, but for some reason my mommy doesn't let me crawl on them very often! Sometimes though--- I sit and wait for one of my brothers to accidentally leave the gate open. When that happens, I head like a lighting bolt for the stairs. Somehow my mommy always catches me. She's really fast too. Oh well, I guess I'll just keep trying! One day I'll make it to the top... I just know I will!!!

I'm also good at finding things to play with that I'm really not supposed too.
Markers are my favorite!!!

I really don't see what the big deal is!?!?!?

I've been thinking that I may want to try walking soon. I can stand up all by myself now, but I just don't know about taking that first step. It seems a little scary to me! My family wants me to walk and they help me practice all the time. Well, you know what they say, practice makes perfect! I'll keep practicing, and one day soon I'll surprise them all and do it by myself!

I'm not a real big eater these days--- gotta watch my girlish figure you know! I definitely don't want that yucky baby food anymore!

My mom tries to give it to me, but I just refuse to open my mouth! I want what's on her plate!!!!! Her plate always looks so much better than mine! Even though I only have two bottom teeth, I can eat pretty much whatever I want! I tell all my friends, once you get a taste of the good stuff you'll never want to go back to that old jar food again-- YUCK!!!

Enough about me---let me tell you a little about my bro! He's four months old today! Well, to start- he's not so little anymore! He actually weighs more than me now! Can you believe it!?!?!? Crazy huh?!?!?

I've told that boy that he better cut back on those bottles, but he just doesn't listen! That guy loves to eat and he's got the rolls all over his body to prove it! My family calls him the chunky monkey! (I'm just glad they call me the princess!)

My brother got his first tooth this month and we think another is about to break through beside it!!!! My mom was shocked! She says he's just way too little to have any teeth yet. I think he's trying to copy me. I guess I really don't care-- just as long as he doesn't try those new teeth out on me!!!!

My bro is really such a sweet and happy baby. His favorite place to be is in his swing or exersaucer. When I was his age, I thought that stuff was totally over rated, and I'd much rather be held, but each their own!

He really likes it when my mommy tickles him. He's got this great little belly laugh! It's pretty cute! It's the kind of laugh that makes others laugh too!

I love to give my brother kisses.

I really do love him and I can't wait for him to get big enough to play with me. We are going to drive my mom crazy together! It's gonna be great!

I guess all in all my little bro is a pretty cool kid. I told my mom that I thought it was okay for us to keep him around for a while!


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Sophie, what a great little blogger you are!!! You are just precious and it's obvious you love your little brother a lot!! You are both growing like weeds!! :)

Jessica said...

Very cute! She is going to make a great big sister!

Jessica K. said...

This was the cutest post!! I had a hard day at work and this made my day! I think its so great they are so close in age!! They will have such a great bond!!

Both are just so precious!! How much taller is Sophie?

Brittany and Charlie said...

That post was so cute! I can't believe Hudson weighs more than Sophie! I guess being that my child is only in the 20% for weight that it is quite possible that a 4 month old might weigh more than her too!

Ms. Elaine said...

That was such cute post. They are such beautiful children. I am so glad a stubbled on your blog. You all seem like such a sweet family

Christa said...

What a cute post! Sophie and Hudson are adorable!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

They are both so cute! What a great update post! I love the big bows you put in her hair!

Jennifer said...

What an adorable post! I love the pictures of Sophie with the markers!

Melanie said...

This is the cutest post Jenny! The kids are completely adorable & I know they are going to be double trouble getting into all kinds of mischief soon, but also loving each other & always looking out for each other! Sophie with the markers was adorable! Pretty soon she'll be writing on Hudson, too!
How much did Hudson weigh at his 4 month?
Love your precious family!

Bethany said...

Love your post, I mean Sophie's post today. How fun!

Wendy said...

Soooo cute! I don't know how you do it with two so close in age...and then two older boys - amazing!!!

Courtney said...

Your babies are sooo cute. Thanks for this great post!

Terri said...

What precious, beautiful children you have!!! I was so thrilled to be able to hold sweet, sleeping Sophie in the nursery yesterday for almost an hour! Then when she woke up, she wanted nothing to do with me. But as soon as a blond woman walked by, or in the room, she reached for them and cried! It was the cutest thing!!! This was a super cute post! Blessings!!

Mary Ann said...

Tooo cute!I loved it! I have been wanting to post one from Sara Ava and Lilee since they have so much to say.

dogmom said...

You are so blessed with such beautiful children:o) What a darling post!! Little Sophie gets cuter and cuter everytime I see a new picture of her.
I hope all of you had a wonderful summer:)
God Bless all of you.

Celia Jimenez said...

Jenny, this is the CUTEST blog ever! I can not believe how chunky Hudson is! I guess Jackson is closely following in his footsteps. What a sweetheart your little guys is!!! Just want to kiss those little rolls on his neck! :-) Loved the post, you're so creative!!!