Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm a mini van mommy!!!

Yes...it's true I am now the proud owner of a mini van!

Limited shown in Silver Pine Mica

We bought a Toyota Sienna and I LOVE it!!

I have to tell you though, it was bittersweet having to say goodbye to my Jeep.
I LOVED my Jeep and it was really special to me.
Ever since I was 16 and got my license I had always wanted to drive a Jeep.
So about three years ago, while I was on a trip with my boys and my parents, Shane surprised me by buying me a new Jeep Commander!!
When I came home from vacation, there parked in my parents driveway was my new Jeep complete with a big red bow on top!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!
Anyway, needless to say it was not fun having to give up my jeep, but it was time! With four kiddo's now, the Jeep just wasn't working for us anymore!

I do love my van and appreciate all the room we have.
I am now truly a proud member of the minivan club!!!


Mandy said...

I like it:) You will still be as cute as ever in your mini van with your sweet family...

Amy said...

I used to swear that I would NEVER drive a minivan until I was at least 40. After our first son was born, (I was 24) we leased a minivan. . .I drove it and HATED every minute of it until the day I turned it back in. I then became a proud owner of a very large Ford F350. . .by this time we had 3 children. . .the "beast" was very nice looking, but not very practical! I started to long for the minivan back! About a year and a half ago, I became the VERY PROUD owner of a Chrysler Town & Country and I LOVE IT!!!! I am proud to say, I am 33 years old and I drive a minivan!!! When you love being a mom as much as I do, I decided that I have to love all the things that come along with motherhood! God has blessed us! It appears that He has blessed you as well!

Enjoy your new club membership!

Be Blessed!


Faith said...

So pretty! You will love having it so much!

Jennifer said...

love it. We love our Nissan Quest..but Toyota s also a nice ride too...shhhhh just don't tell my hubby. He works for Nissan Corp office:) They might not like me saying that!!

Rachel said...

Welcome to our club! LOL!
I too, just recently (3mo ago) became a member of the Minivan club. I also drove a jeep, but 10mo ago, I became a SINGLE mother of FOUR. So i knew it was time for a change and that I no longer needed the car I wanted, but the car I needed to keep my kids and I safe with plenty of room. I purchased a Town & Country and like you I love it.
It's funny though cuz when I bought mine...I did the same thing and posted about it. Aren't we moms funny.

Anyway...I dont even know if I've ever commented on here before and now i'm chatting up a storm, but I wanted you to know you have a very beautiful family. I am a lurker and if you dont mind, will continue to lurk. I love happy stories and yours makes me smile. Especially seeing all those adorable childrens faces.

Happy Driving!

Rachel (Lee's Summit, MO)

Celia Jimenez said...

Welcome to the club, Jenny! Now I can park my minivan next to yours...instead of the cool Jeep! Hey we all have our moments of coolness...mine lasted for about eight months with the Fit! :-)

Melanie said...

Welcome to the club!!! Love the new van & even more the convenience that comes with it!
We had a Jeep Grand Cherokee for years & I LOVED that car!
Now I actually often forget that I'm sporting down the road in a minivan...in my mind I've imagined something much cooler than that!

Susan said...

Welcome to the minivan mom club! It's great! I got rid of my minivan back in June of 2004 and then in 2007 I BEGGED my hubby for a new minivan. I love being back in a van and would hate to give it up.

Enjoy your new van! And remember "I may drive a minivan, but I still rock!" it's my motto!

BTW - didn't you have a minivan at one point? For some reason I thought you had a white Odyssey right before I got mine.

Terri said...

You are still cool & hip, even in a minivan! You will love the convenience of it!! I was never going to have one, either. But I have loved having a minivan for about 6 years now (once we had 3 kids it was a must)!! Blessings!!

Mary Ann said...

Yea! I like it! But I know you are full. With car seats we were packed, it really did not seat 7 well, we had a squashed kid. If you have any more you will have to go even bigger. We bought a Yukon XL and Love it. We only seat 7 now because we have the 2 captain chairs but we have soooo much more room , no one is cramped and I love all the extra space for strollers. But if anymore come along it will not work we would have to either buy a bench set for the middle or buy a bus! LOL! Anyway you will enjoy your mini van! Hey at least you are a soccer mom right!

Kelly said...

Mini vans rock! They are SO convenient! I love mine!

Bethany said...

Congratulations on your new purchase! I used to LOVE driving a Honda Odyssey van when I was a nanny in MA. That vehicle was my best friend :)