Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praying for Harper!

Many of you read Kelly's Blog!
Please be in prayer for this sweet family and their newborn daughter, Harper!


Melanie said...

Thanks Jenny, I will be praying! I had just read her blog a few days ago when she was still waiting for Harper...

MiMi said...


I am praying with you and rejoicing in what God is already doing in little Harper's life!

P.S. I tried to respond by email to your comment on my blog the other day, but it came back to me. I was anxious to hear how your Chicken Breasts Supreme turned out? Hope ya'll enjoyed it!

Stefanie said...

I stopped by your blog through Kelly's blog. What a sweet family you have! We recently brought home four boys from Ukraine, bringing our grand total to 4 little boys! We too feel blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.
Congratulations on your upcoming arrival of another little boy! Boys are awesome!