Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's go SKATING!

So last night we took the boys roller skating! Everyone had a BLAST-- so much so, that there were tears shed when we told them it was time to go home!

Our local skating rink has Christian music night every Monday night starting at 6:00pm. If you bring with you whatever their "item of the week" is you can get in for $1.oo. What a inexpensive and fun way to spend a cold Monday evening?!?!

This was Riley's first time skating!

He started off REALLY wobbly, but after a little help from Auntie Al--

and from Daddy...he started to get the hang of it!

I think the boys would say their favorite part of the evening was playing red light--green light!

and guess what... Al won the game and got a FREE smoothie!!

Takin' a little break...Roller Skating is hard work!

Sophie and I had a great time just watching from the sidelines!

Skating wore Sophie out too =) !!!


Bethany said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Way to go Al for winning! I haven't been skating in years and for only a dollar? Sweet! What a deal! Have fun in the snow. I am sure the boys will have a blast! Makes me want to go skiing. How about you? :)

Jessica said...

That looks like such fun. I've been meaning to take the boys, I guess I will have to do that.

RR Mama said...

I stopped by from Kelly's blog. Love the pictures of all of you skating. I also have a son who is named Riley and I think they are the same age!

The Golf Widow said...

That's too cute. They are so tiny out there skating. Looks like you had the best seat...holding a sweet sleeping baby. LOVE the bow.

Alyson said...

So much fun. They are so cute. I bet they slept really well. Sophie is getting so big she is so beautiful.