Friday, August 15, 2008

A day with friends...

Thursday morning the boys and I met some of our neighbors at the movies. The movie theater shows free children's movies on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings during the summer. We saw the Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I think EVERY mom and EVERY preschooler in the city was there too!! It was a packed house. We had a great time though. The movie was very cute!

After the movie, we picked up our good friends Luke and Abby for some end of the summer fun! They head back to school Monday morning. With the busyness about to begin, we know we won't see them much during the school year. This was the last slumber party of the summer. We had to make it a memorable one!

We spent most of the afternoon at our local park. Surprisingly for August, the weather was quite comfortable. Not too hot at all. We played on the playground, hiked around the lake, and built sandcastles in the sand. They got quite dirty playing, but were having a ton of fun.

Corban and Abby

Riley and Abby

Luke's "Too Cool" pose...

Notice Abby's pose too...Can you tell she has older brothers?

After a fun afternoon, we headed back home for a spaghetti dinner and BATHS! We did sneak back out after dinner to get doughnuts from the Dunkin'. What party would be complete without doughnuts after dinner?!?

We watched a little of the Olympics, but everyone was tired and ready for bed.
Luke slept in the guest room, but the rest of the clan spent the night under their tent they had built in the playroom.

We have another fun day ahead of us before we have to take Luke and Abby home. Maybe a trip to Monkey Joes, or maybe Ice Skating??? We will have to wait and see what the consensus will be.......

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The Newbie said...

You are such a fun mom! Hope you have a great weekend. Also, thanks for writing a comment to my neice. :) The Nester left her one too, she was SO happy! It was pretty funny.