Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the little blessings in life...

I love our kitchen table and chairs!!! We bought it at a great little consignment shop several years ago. We brought it home, sanded it, re-stained it, and painted all six chairs. A lot of time and energy went in to that kitchen set. As with many pieces of furniture, time, and the wear and tear of little boys climbing in and out got the best of them. The chairs began to break and fall apart. We did our best to glue and/or nail them back together, but it was only a matter of time before we would have to replace them. This week, we began the search for new chairs. The main objective was to spend as little as possible, but to get quality chairs that would last. We searched high and low. We went to EVERY furniture store in our town, but to no avail. We couldn’t find chairs we liked at a decent price. Every set we found had a table to go with it. Sure, we could buy just the chairs, but the deal was in buying the entire set, not just the chairs. The chairs by themselves were always too expensive. We contemplated buying an entire new set, even though we just needed chairs. Our last stop was to that same consignment store we had bought our original set from years ago. As with all consignment stores, it’s always a hit or miss. Today was a HUGE HIT!!!!! We walked in and sitting right there were 10 beautiful chairs. They were antique yellow with ROOSTERS hand painted on each chair!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe how perfect they were. Extra bonus…they were priced very reasonably too!!! Sometimes, I feel like God blesses us –just because! I know God provided these chairs just for me. He knows my love for roosters. As I posted earlier this week, my entire kitchen is decorated in that theme, so these chairs were perfect for my d├ęcor. They didn’t have a table to go with it, so they were selling just the chairs. I know God was smiling down on me today! I am so thankful to Him for providing the big things in my life, along with the small things- like kitchen chairs!!!!

My new rooster chairs!

The hand-painted detail on the back of each chair...

These delicate flowers are hand-painted on the front and sides of the seat on each chair.

My "new" kitchen set! What a blessing!!!


Cindy said...

The chairs are beautiful - I love the way they look in your kitchen! What a great find!


Faith said...

Oh my goodness...I triple LOVE these chairs! What a sweet blessing from the Lord! They look beautiful and it's as if they were made for your kitchen! I love the rushed seats too! Oh how pretty!!!
Which consignment store did you find these at?
P.S. I am definitely taking orders and would love to work on those gifts for you! Feel free to email me (in my profile) to talk about the details! Thanks for thinking of me!

farmersdaughter4ever said...

that is SO awesome! I am so excited for you, isn't wonderful when you can see the hand of God in things going on in your life....it makes me feel so loved...by someone so powerful. And it awes me that He really does love us just that much...rooster chairs and all, He cares about everything!

Kelli said...

Wow! What a perfectly timed blessing! Your new table and chair set is gorgeous, I love the painting work!

K said...

Love, love, love them!! They are perfect for your kitchen. They look great :)

Candy said...

Found your blog through Faith's and just wanted to say hi! I LOVE your kitchen!! Those chairs are just perfect. That is awesome!! I have some roosters in my kitchen too and love them. :)
Your family is just precious and I look forward to stopping by again, if you don't mind.
My blog is private, but I'll be glad to add you if you would like, please just send me your email to tacjoyce@bellsouth.net

Kelly said...

That is awesome - I love it!!!
I didn't even think to tell you that my dining room set has roosters on the chairs. I'll have to send you a picture sometime!