Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Five years ago today, I gave birth to a 7lb 5oz. precious, baby boy! I can’t believe he is turning five years old today! He has grown up into such a sweet little boy. He is shy and quiet-that is until you get to know him! He has such a sensitive spirit about him and is very concerned about others and their well-being. He is our little prayer warrior! He enjoys praying for others and does so often. He is a sports fanatic too (like his Daddy)! He loves any sport and anything to do with sports. Panthers being his very favorite team, of course! One of the biggest events in his life this past year was when he accepted Christ into his heart as Savior. I was thrilled that God allowed me to be part of such a special moment in my son’s life. He is such a joy to be around and I am so thankful that God allowed me the privilege of being his mommy! Happy Birthday my sweet boy! I love you forever!

Today is also my Grandma's birthday! I love the fact that Corban and my Grandma share this special day! I love my Grandma dearly!
So, Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Well..were off to breakfast. Corban got to pick were he wanted to eat his birthday breakfast, so Panera here we come! He LOVES their cinnamon rolls!


Faith said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Corban (and Grandma!), Happy birthday to you!!!!
Hope you guys have wonderful day celebrating! What a blessing!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Corban!
I was wondering what the actual date was...& now I know!
He is a special, precious guy!