Thursday, May 15, 2008

Discovery Place

Yesterday, we headed uptown for a visit to Discovery Place! My youngest sister, Allison, went with us. We spent the morning touring the museum! The boys loved the preschool playroom.

They especially loved the water table.
They could have spent all day just in that one room.

We visited the "Rain Forest" and saw lots of birds, turtles, and snakes!

We enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit too, although Riley wasn’t too sure about them! One of the highlights was “Rat Basketball”! Yes, we watched two rats play basketball. So fun!

After spending the morning at the museum, we met Daddy for a quick lunch at Showmars! It was a real treat to have lunch with Shane. We don’t go uptown much, so when we do, Shane tries to sneak away from work for a while to join us for lunch! What a fun day!

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Faith said...

This does look like fun! Discovery Place is so neat. Those pics of the boys are really good...they are so handsome!
Allison is such a sweetie! Please tell her that I said hello. Is she still sewing? I hope so...she was a natural!