Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Board Games

Corban LOVES board games! He would play then ALL day long!As long as you are willing to sit and play-he would play with you!?! My sister Allison got the new High School Musical II game last week. Corban couldn’t wait for a chance to play it with her. I think when they did play; they played it 7 times in a row. No kidding!

This weekend Shane took Corban to Target and let him pick out a new board game (as if we don’t have enough already!) Anyway, Corban picked out Monopoly Junior-Disney Edition. They played it the minute they got home from the store.

The other afternoon Corban challenged me to a mean game of Candy Land! I LOVE Candy Land, so I decided to take the challenge. We had a great time. Corban especially did …he beat me ALL THREE TIMES we played! Fair and square! No mommy help. He thought that was great!

Some of the other games we play are Guess Who and Connect Four. Corban LOVES both of those too. I remember playing many of these same games with my sisters and brothers growing up so it is so much fun getting to play them with my little guy now!


Faith said...

How fun!! What neat things for y'all to do together as a family. I used to love game nights...well actually, I still do =)

Melanie said...

Yet another thing Jack & Corban have in common! Jack loves playing games, too! We will have to have Corban over some this summer to play!