Monday, May 26, 2008

Pizza and Pj's Picnic Party

Friday night Shane had a church meeting after work. I was planning to go with him, but the boys have had little colds all week. Even I picked up a cold this week. I decided the best thing to do was to stay home with the boys. Since we were on our own for dinner we decided to have a pizza and pj's picnic. I cooked a frozen pepperoni pizza and we ate it upstairs in the playroom. (In our pajamas of course!!!!!!)

After our pizza we made our infamous milkshakes. We had to make a run to the store earlier that afternoon to pick up so more ice cream. It would seem we have been eating a lot of ice cream around here lately ;). The boys picked out M&M, cookie dough, ice cream (YUM) and I decided to tried a new flavor called Fried ice cream. Boy was it good! Taste's like apple pie!!!!

After our bellies were full with such a nutritious meal of pizza and milkshakes, we snuggled on the couch to watch a movie.

What a fun night!


Kelly said...

PJ's and pizza night sounds like my idea of a perfect night!!!! That's our normal Friday night around here!

4torock said...

Kayla was reading this with me and said, "Can we do that!!?" lol I think that is a for sure YES!! Love your blog- you do the funnest ( is this even a word? oh well! ha!) things... see ya

Kelli said...

What a fun and yummy night you had! I hope everyone feels better soon!

Faith said...

Hope you all are feeling better! What a fun night with the boys!