Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful LONG… weekend! Don’t you wish every weekend was three days?!? I think that’s just the right amount of time to be productive and get things done and also have some time to rest and relax. That’s just what our weekend consisted of-a little work and a little play.

We had BEAUTIFUL weather on Memorial Day! I mean it was perfect. We spent most of the day enjoying our neighborhood pool! The water is still a little on the cold side. Too cold for me, but everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves. My sisters, Kelly and Allison, spent the day hanging out with us too! After swimming all day, we headed over to my parents house for a cookout. What a great way to kick-off the summer!

Here are a few pics from our day at the pool!

Corban enjoyed squirting us with the water gun!

This is the three story water slide...

Here comes Kelly down the slide!

Corban enjoyed the lazy river

Everyone had fun just chillin' in the lazy river

My sweet Riley


Susan said...

Looks like great fun! Wish we had a neighborhood pool, but looks like we'll be spending our time at the Aquatics Center water park.

Kristin said...

Wow! That pool looks like a child's dream come true! I wish we had one like that when I was little :)

Faith said...

Our neighborhood pool is NOTHING like yours! Wow...that is awesome! Looks like a blast! That pic of Riley is adorable!

JenB said...

Hi Jenny
I found you through Faith's blog and I see she commented just before me.(I'm not following you, Faith!) I know your sister Bethany from church. Enjoyed looking around your blog. How cool that the Lord has led you to adopt. Looking forward to reading more about your journey!