Monday, April 14, 2008

Riley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

My sweet Riley had a pretty rough weekend. It all began Friday morning when we headed to Mary Jo's Fabric store in Gastonia. While we were there Riley tripped and fell onto the store's hard concrete floor. He managed to get a pretty good size goose egg right in the middle of his little forehead. Then on Saturday morning, for reasons unknown to me, Riley tried to carry my heavy, ceramic, umbrella holder from the foyer into the dining room. Well, in the process, he dropped the holder onto the hardwood floor and it shattered everywhere. I was upstairs getting ready at the time and thought he was in the playroom playing. Shane and Corban were not home when this happened. I didn't hear the crash but I did hear him start crying. I went running to find him and by the time I did he was on his way up the stairs and blood was dripping down his hand onto his arm. Now, I am not very good in these situations. I have a very hard time remaining calm!! I panic at the sight of blood! I became frantic because one; he was screaming and crying and I didn't know what had happened and two; with the blood dripping down his arm it was hard to find the source of the wound. He did end up leading me to the shattered umbrella holder and it ended up just being his ring finger that was cut open. Praise the Lord--- no need for stitches!! I was able to get the bleeding to stop pretty quickly. A little ointment and band aid did the trick.
And if that wasn't enough for the little guy, while we were at a birthday party that same afternoon, Riley fell down their stairs!!!! Not all the way down, but the last few stairs near the bottom. They were carpeted so when it happened I thought he would be okay. When I got to him and picked him up he was screaming "MY EAR HURTS!", "MY EAR HURTS!". The thing was though, there was nothing on his ear. No bump, not cut, no blood, not even a red spot! He was inconsolable though!!!!! He was crying and crying which is normally not like him when he falls down. He is pretty good about just getting up and shaking it off, so the way he was acting really concerned me. I tried ice and cool clothes but nothing worked. I decided that I needed to take him to urgent care. So we left the party and met Shane at the urgent care. We arrived at the office and when I told them what had happened they rushed us right back. Riley was still hysterical at this point! I think because he fell down the stairs and the way he was holding his ear, they were worried about head trauma. We saw the doctor right away and guess what!?! He had an EAR INFECTION!!!!! Yes, an ear infection. The doctors' only explanation was that when he fell he must have just jarred his ear enough to bring on the pain. Go figure!?! They wrote us a prescription, gave him some Motrin, told me to just keep a close eye on him, and sent us on our way. We were literally in and out in about 30 minutes!!!!!
Rileys doing much better today. Thank goodness! No more boo boo's. His goose egg is now just a small bruise, his finger is healing nicely, and his ear infection is being treated with antibiotics!!!
I am considering wrapping him in bubble wrap from now on though=)!!!

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farmersdaughter4ever said...

Ear infections can be so tricky...I took Emma to the dr after her not acting like herself for almost 2 weeks...mind you she had no fever or any other signs of being sick...double ear infections. I felt so bad! But how was I to know, other than her bad mood, which isn't like her....I felt like the bad mommy of the week! Hope Riley feels better soon!...thank heaven for dr.s!