Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easy Preschool Craft

I am always looking for easy craft ideas to do with my boys. Today we pulled out one that we have done many times before, but the boys always LOVE it. I'm sure many of you who have small children have even tried it.
It's painting with balls.
There is really no mess- no clean up- but lots of fun!!

All you need is a shoe box (with a lid), washable paint, paper, and marbles (or small balls)...

Cut a small hole in the side of the box so you are able to push the balls through it. (Not really necessary, but makes the craft more fun for the kids!)
Place your paper in the box.
Drop a few drops of paint on the paper. (We like to use two or three colors!!)
Close the lid!

Push the balls through the hole.

Have your kids SHAKE and SHAKE the box while holding the lid on tight!
They will LOVE this part.

Open the box and TA DA... your have your beautiful artwork.

Take it out of the box and let it dry.

If you make a ton of them like we do, I sometimes mount them onto construction paper and use them as cards for the boys to write on and send.

They are always so proud of their creations!!!

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4torock said...

LOVE it!! you are so creative and its not messy like my crafts usually all A+++!! thanks