Friday, March 7, 2008

Rainy Day Fun!

It's one of those rainy, chilly days that make you want to crawl back in bed. Having two very active boys, crawling back into bed is not an option! I am very thankful and praise the Lord for the rain though because we REALLY need it.

Riley has a fever today too! He doesn’t have any other symptoms just acting irritable and tired. I hope it doesn't turn into something more. Anyway, since we are "stuck" in the house today, I decided I needed to pull out some of my "tricks" in order to make this day as enjoyable and productive as possible. We decided to first read the story of Noah's Ark. It's raining outside so I thought the story was appropriate =). Then the boys each made a colorful paper rainbow. They turned out really cute. After we got that mess cleaned up I decided to get out the shaving cream. I squirted shaving cream all over the table and then let them go to town. When I was in second grade my teacher would do this with our class. I remember having so much fun. Actually, she would make us practice writing our spelling words in the shaving cream, but it was still fun. Today, Corban and I practiced writing all his letters in the cream, while Riley just had fun making a mess. At one point I ran downstairs to get the camera to take a picture of them and by the time I returned Riley had rubbed the shaving cream all in his hair. The great thing about shaving cream is it’s very easy to clean up and smells really good too! We then played a few games and read some books that we checked out at the library yesterday!

I think a fun morning was had by all!

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