Thursday, March 6, 2008

Prayers for my cousin!

My cousin Heidi gave birth to a baby, Alyssa, at about 25 weeks. When she was born she weighed 1pound 10 ounces. She spent several months in the hospital and had several surgeries. She is now a loving little girl living a normal life due to the prayers of many people. Since that time, my cousin and her husband became pregnant again and doctors felt she would be able to carry full term. This time, my cousin, Heidi made it to 27 weeks. Their new daughter is Lily Faith, born at 2pounds 2 ounces, a little bigger than her older sister.
Please keep my cousin, Heidi, her husband Jim, and their new baby, Lily Faith in your prayers. Lily is 10 days old and was just relocated to a new hospital. They are waiting to hear if Lily will need surgery. Please pray for my cousin and her husband as they again walk this all too familiar road. Pray for peace and strength and for total healing for Lily!

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