Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Mush" in the brain

This week I have had to make some new rules about t.v. and computer time. For such a long time Corban didn't really care about the t.v. or the computer. He would watch a PBS kids show in the afternoon while Riley was napping, but the rest of the day he was content to play, color, or do a craft. That has changed. For the past couple of weeks it seems like all he does is either watch t.v. or play on the computer. If he is not doing either he is asking to do one or the other. It is driving me nuts. So this week I decided NO MORE!!! I have limited the computer time to one hour a day and the t.v. time (PBS Kids only) to one hour a day. If we have a dicipline issue, the time is shortened. So far it's working. When the hour is up he goes on to something else-something productive.
I explained to him that if he watched too much t.v. or played too many computer games his brain would turn to mush! I know, very intelligent explanation, but Corban understood- at least I thought he did. A little while later, after our conversation, Corban came into the room pushing on his cheeks with a very concerned look on his face. He said," Mommy, my brain still feels hard, but my cheeks have begun to turn to mush!
Poor thing! ;)