Saturday, March 1, 2008

Missionary Dinner

Our church is hosting a missions conference all this week. Each night during the week families from our church signed up to host missionary families for dinner. Last night we had the privilege of hosting two missionary couples. One of the couples was Alketa and Mark. They are serving in Albania as church planters. Alketa is actually from Albania. They are here in the states on furlow, but plan to go back to Albania in 2009. It was so interesting to hear their story of how they met and ended up serving the people of Albania. The other couple was Halle and Phillip. Halle serves with Campus Crusade for Christ and Phillip with the Jesus film. They live in Florida. Phillip told us that they have translated the Jesus film into over 1500 languages. WOW! What was so interesting is that Alketa actually got saved from watching the Jesus film. She saw it on t.v. when she was living in Albania. It was so neat to hear her tell her salvation story to Phillip who is with the Jesus film. I know the point of these dinners is to encourage and minister to the missionaries, but I was the one who was encouraged and inspired. These people live their lives day in and day out serving the Lord and ministering to lost souls. Their boldness in their faith was contagious! I pray that God would continue to bless their ministries as they boldly touch peoples lives for Him!

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