Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby shower!

Sunday evening we hosted a baby shower for Shane's sister Sallie and her husband Tuan. They are expecting a little girl ( Makayla) in late March. They have waited a while before becoming parents and we are so excited for them!! Tuan is Vietnamese so get togethers with his family are always so much fun! One tradition they have is that every gift that is opened a picture is taken with the person giving the gift.
The food was good too! Tuans' sister is an incredible cook and she was gracious enough to help me with the food. She made some awesome coconut shrimp!
Congratulations Sallie and Tuan! We can't wait to meet Makalya!

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Julie said...

Hi! I thought I'd just check and see if you know my friend in the Charlotte area because she lives in Matthews! They are Ryan and Renee Preston and they have 4 children. I am going there to visit her tomorrow. My last little girls trip before Ukraine. Hooray! Have a great week,