Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A "Southern" Snow Day

So yesterday, the Carolina's were hit by a wintry "storm"! 
We don't usually get much snow around here, 
but after so many down right frigid days this winter, it's was a fun and welcomed treat to see a little of the white stuff! 
There wasn't much snow, and most of it was ICE, but it was all that was needed for school to be cancelled!!
We LOVE us some SNOW DAYS!!!!
There is an AWESOME hill up at the kids school, which was coated in the perfect mixture of snow and ice. 
It was the best place for sledding. 
We may not have been able to build a snowman (this time around), 
but we did have hours of sledding fun to keep us busy.
And how sweet is this?!?
A "free" hot chocolate stand set up on the corner by some of our precious neighbors. 
After several hours out in the elements, a nice cup of hot cocoa totally hit the spot!
Days like this are PERFECT for fort building, dress up and playing pretend with friends.
So thankful for sweet snow days, cozy time at home and the FUN memories we made while it was here!!


julie s said...

We've had 8 snow days here in Michigan. I am just curious why they close school when you only have a dusting of snow. Is it really icy on the roads? We had one day that was an "ice day" and one day that was "too cold" with our actual air temp was -30 last Friday. That wasn't even the wind chill. I noticed that some of the kids were without gloves in your picture of the hot chocolate stand. It must not have been too bad at least. The Hot Chocolate stand is such a cute idea. We have to wear snow pants, boots, face masks, gloves, neck warmers etc. I loved the pictures and how thankful your kids were over the smallest amount of snow while we keep getting dumped on and are losing our positive outlook. Driving thru it is the worst! Thanks for sharing. This is so interesting to see how the weather can be so different right within our country.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

What a fun day! Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of snow!