Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Town, USA

One of our very favorite places to visit this time of year is McAdenville, aka Christmas town USA! It's such a quaint little town about an hour away and it just oozes with Christmas charm.  We just love it!

But before we hit the road for on annual tour of lights, our sweet friends, the Robinson's had us over for a little reindeer party! 

The kids had so much fun decorating their very own reindeer cookie...

  And who could forget the reindeer food.

There's no doubt that Santa's helpers will eat well when they land at our house on Christmas Eve.
  The kids had fun making a few reindeer crafts too. 
Before long, it was time to hit the road and head out to see the lights. 
Even though it looks the same year after year, it still manages to take my breath away each time.
And I love hearing all the oooo's and aaaah's coming from the back seat as my kids take it all in too.
  I love sharing this night with good friends

They make the night that much more FUN!                                  


One of the highlights each year is posing with these cute little carolers.
   The kids just love them!
 As we walked through the town, the kids had fun finding all sorts of cute little places for pictures.
 Addy-Kate loved these little snowmen and wanted a picture with them. Precious!
   Me and my buddy. Love him so.
 We all shared some delicious treats from the town bakery, which only added to the sweetness of the night!

          As we wrapped up a wonderful evening in McAdenville, our hearts felt lighter and our spirits were brighter! Christmas JOY was in the air!

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Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Love the pictures! Your family always has so much fun!