Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

 Weekends are the BEST!!! Especially the kind when you don't have much planned and can just spend the day having fun with family. THOSE kind of weekends are rare, but when they do come around...we try to soak up EVERY MINUTE! 

Here's just a little peak at how our Saturday went down...
I know I'm a weird breed, but for me Saturday mornings are not for sleeping in. No, I'd much rather get up early and go for a long run with my girlfriends.
When I got home the house was still quiet.  But it wasn't long before these two turkeys were up and wanted to help me make breakfast. 
Chocolate Chip Pancakes were on the menu!
 After breakfast...we all loaded up and headed to the Y.
Shane and I really enjoy working out together on Saturday mornings. The kids have fun playing with their friends, and we get a mini date out of the deal;)
 After our workout, we got donuts;) Why not, right?!?!
And Daddy added freshly picked dandelions to Sophie's french braid;)
 It was such a GORGOUS day outside that after donuts we decided to go for a bike ride. 
We ended up biking up to the boys school and playing on the playground for a while.
 That afternoon, we met Corban's soccer team at the park for an end of season party.
 The littles had fun running around being silly while the big boys played their dads in a friendly BOYS vs. MEN soccer game.
After the game, the coach handed out both silly and sincere awards to each one of the players on the team.  Corban received the award for being the leading scorer this season (22 goals in all) AND the "axe gel" award because he always looked good doing it;) 
Yup, that's my boy;)