Monday, April 7, 2014

A SUPER Saturday

 Saturday was just the most beautiful day EVER. We had lots of outside things planned, so it was such a blessing that the weather cooperated. I'm getting ready to run a half marathon next weekend with some friends, and we had 12 miles to crank out first thing Saturday morning. It was a great run and our fingers are crossed for that same kind-of run on race day;)
After my run, we headed over to Corban's soccer game. It was a real nail biter, but thankfully his team was able to walk away with the WIN! 
After the game, we made our way over to my niece, Makayla's, 6th birthday party. 
The party was held at a park in our area.
 This particular park just happens to be my kids very favorite place to hang out right now.
  We've been spotted there a ton since the weathers been nice. 
It could not have been a prettier day for an outside party. The kids had an absolute blast running around and playing with their cousins.
And if you can't tell from the pictures above... Shane was having quite the time too;)
The party was made complete with an egg hunt and CRAZY silly string war. 
And after such a busy day, you can be sure that bath and bed time came calling very early on Saturday night. 
I know these kiddo's are super excited SPRING is finally here and can't wait to spend more time enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

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