Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting Organized

Okay, so one of my new years resolutions this year is to GET ORGANIZED!  I am a firm believer in "A place for EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING in it's place"!
 Unfortunately, I live in a house with five little ones who don't always adhere to mom's motto. Clutter finds it's nasty way into our home and quietly settles in closets, drawers, and under beds. plan is to rid our home of unwanted junk and tackle the clutter head on.  I've decided to focus on just one room a week. This makes getting organized, for me, doable and not an overwhelming task. 
Getting organized is not JUST  about my home though. Yes, there are several areas that need my attention, but I'm also referring to our life and schedule as well. Like so many of you, our life is CRAZY! We run here and there...daily. And with four out of my five kids attending three different schools this year, it can feel utterly impossible to keep everything straight.  
That's where my BFF comes in. Yes, as silly as it may sound, this baby is my BEST FRIEND and most trusted companion. 
She is always by my side and I NEVER leave home with out her;)

With everything going on in my life, I NEED a good planner! 
 Yes, I've tried to go all electronic and just use the
 calendar on my phone. 
I've also tried the COZI app. which came highly recommended by friends. 
What I quickly realized was that I like a PAPER planner. 
I like to keep birthdays, appointments, sporting practices, church events, running schedule, and even my meal calendar all in ONE spot.
I also like to see it all in front of me at one time.
For me, it's just easier to plan that way.
So, when my friend Kim introduced me to the Erin Condren life planner several years ago, I had my doubts. I mean, I had heard so much about them, but would it really work for me?
 The answer...
For three years now, I have purchased and used an Erin Condren life planner! 
 I LOVE it and will never use anything else!!! 
You can choose from a bazillion different designs, and this year I even customize mine with a collage of our family photos! 
I can't wait to get it!!!!!!!
Okay, so yes...this planner is a little more expensive than others I have purchased, but I promise, it is worth EVERY penny.
Oh, and by the way, follow this link for a $10 off coupon!
{FYI...The link will send you to a page where you have to create an account to get the coupon
Once you sign up, you'll receive another email with a $10 OFF coupon code that you can use for your first purchase.} 
If for some reason you have trouble getting the coupon, leave me a quick comment with your email address and I'll send you a coupon. 

You're welcome;)  
Now...go get organized!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Was going to sit down today and order mine so I was excited to get the 10.00 off link. I could not get it to work though. Can you email me the code?

Colleen said...

Huge fan of the life planner! Been using for the last 3 years and will never change it up. It's perfect for my busy lifestyle.

Kelli said...

I might have to try that planner this year! I am feeling completely overwhelmed with clutter after the holidays and we are expecting our 5th in March!
It seems like every January I try to go with an electronic calendar and by February go back to my standard paper one! I have just decided it is what works for me!

Tracy Fowlkes said...

So glad you decided to organize:) My kitchen cabinets need major overhaul--- I hope that is on your list of to do's to give me ideas:)

coupon code please to