Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Christmas traditions are THE best! I LOVE keeping old ones alive year after year, and also celebrating new ones! Last year, we introduced the kids to St. Nicholas Day and THIS year they couldn't wait to celebrate!! 
Since St. Nicholas Day is a holiday observed by so many people around the world, we decided it would be fun to celebrate it too.  In other countries children celebrate  by placing their shoes outside their door on the eve of St. Nicholas Day.  In the morning, they wake up, and are delighted to find little toys, coins, and oranges left in their shoes during the night. 
 So on Thursday night, right before bedtime, each of the kids placed their own shoe out hoping that in the morning they too might find a little treat.
This year, our little elf, Sam, helped me by filling each of the kids shoes with gold coins and a picture of Saint Nicholas to color. 
 Sam also left a short story for us to read so we could understand why Nicholas is still celebrated around the entire world today!
Oh, and he brought the kids their gingerbread house too;)

In the morning, when they woke up, they were so excited to find the treats that were left for them.
I love AK's face in these pictures;)
She was so excited about her chocolate coins!

The big boys had to head off to school for the day, but
 the minute they walked in the door that afternoon, they were begging to build and decorate their gingerbread house(s)! 
This year, the big boys worked on the gingerbread "manor" while the littles each had their own  house to decorate.
While we were decorating, my brother stopped by for a bit. He walked into a kitchen covered with gingerbread crumbs, frosting and sprinkles, but he was quick to roll up his sleeves and jump into the madness too;)
And after several hours (yes, hours) of serious decorating mayhem, here are the finished products!
We have our very own "Gingerbread Lane" this year;)


Tracy said...

How much fun! I love the marshmallow snowmen. Where do you find such the adorable monogramed clothing your children wear?

Melanie said...

I LOVE the Gingerbread Village your kids put together!! Absolutely adorable!! So cute! Precious pics of all of the kids!!

"salembrookie" said...

Love it! Loves seeing pictures of your family, friend. We really, and truly, need to visit soon when I'm back visiting Charlotte!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Too cute! You are such a fun mama! Love the new photo header!!!