Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas is a time to P-A-R-T-Y have we partied HARD this week. 
First up was Riley's birthday celebration at school. Ri's actual birthday is not until Sunday, but we chose to celebrate with his classmates on Wednesday during lunch. He picked Kristy Kreme donuts to share with his friends...a great choice I must say;)
On Thursday, Hudson and I were back up at the school to help out with Corban's winter celebration. We put together a fun snowman theme for his party and I think the kids had a GREAT time! Corban has such a sweet class this year and it was fun hanging out with him and his friends.
On Friday, we headed BACK up to school for Riley's winter celebration. "Snowmen" were the theme of his party too and all the kids seemed to have a blast together!
And if you think that wasn't enough partying for one would be right;) 
Friday afternoon, my sweet friend, Juli, invited us over to celebrate the beginning of Christmas break!
Juli is soooo creative and she pulled together the cutest "reindeer" party for us to enjoy!
You wanna know what the highlight of the party was...
 searching for "reindeer droppings" in Miss Juli's backyard. 
Yes, that's right...
The kids had the best time pretending to be Santa's little helpers. Their job was to help him clean up after those messy reindeer;)
CUTE, huh?!?!
Of course at every "reindeer" party, you must make reindeer food.  This year, Santa's reindeer will enjoy a treat which consists of oatmeal, raisins, potato chips, flying powder, and red and silver sparkles.
And what's a reindeer party with out fun crafts, and silly reindeer games?!?
Thanks Robinson family for a wonderful afternoon and a GREAT kick-start to our Christmas break!!!!
And after enjoying their yummy treat, I know Santa's reindeer will thank you too!

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Courtney said...

Lots of fun parties. I will have to share on my blog soon about the Christmas party my co-teacher and I threw for our students (sadly we did not have any parents this year step up to host our party) We made those reindeer donuts but they had a twist to them since I forgot the pretzels at home. Trust me you will die laughing when you see our improvise!