Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the Celebration Continues...

So Miss Sophie Lu turned FIVE a few weeks ago, but the celebrating continued long after the actual day had come and gone. Yes, our Sophie is one special little girl, and her birthday seemed to last all month long!
 She was super-duper excited to celebrate her BIG day with her preschool class this year! Since her birthday actually fell on the VERY first day of school, we decided to wait and bring treats in a little later in the week. She was so happy on the day of her preschool party and was quite proud of that pink birthday crown she was sportin'!
 The weekend after her birthday, our dear friend Charlotte (who we met while lifeguarding at our pool this summer) came to visit for the weekend. She attends Clemson, but came home just to celebrate Sophie's birthday with us. She is the absolute sweetest thing EVER and it was sooooo much fun to have her here for the weekend. Charlotte spent Saturday morning with us cheering at each one of the kids soccer games.
 She even got to see Miss Sophie score a goal. 
After a full morning of soccer, Charlotte, Sophie and I had a (BIG) girls ONLY afternoon planned! Before we left home though, Charlotte let Sophie open her birthday present. 
She got her THE most adorable Clemson outfit AND a Clemson tiger to go with it.  
How fun is that!
 Of course Sophie promptly changed into her new clothes before heading out the door. 
 We enjoyed a birthday lunch at Chic-fil-a, per Sophie's request, and then surprised Sophie with her FIRST EVER PEDICURE!!!
Oh my word...this girl was in heaven. 
When it was all over she said, "Mom, when this polish wears off, can we come back here and get this done again?"
Yup...I think we may have her spoiled...just a little anyway;)

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