Monday, October 28, 2013

A FABULOUS Fall Weekend

 Saturday morning dawned bright and early for me. Saturdays are my long run days, and in order to get all the miles in, my alarm clock must be set for an unreasonable hour.  I'm training with two other sweet friends for the Kiawah Island Marathon on December 14th. I'm super excited about it AND the promise of a nice FLAT race course;) We shall see. 
Anyone else doing long runs right now? I'd love to hear how you get through them?
After I got home from my run, it was time to get my troops up, moving, and off to their soccer games. This Saturday was a "divide and conquer" kind-of day! With three soccer games each weekend, we've been blessed that not too many have actually been scheduled at the same time. Unfortunately, this Saturday was NOT one of those days. Corban's game was in Concord at the same time the other games were scheduled here.  So Shane took Sophie, Hudson and Riley to their games while Addy-Kate and I headed to Cor's. 
  I LOVE watching Corban's team play. At this age, they really get what the game is all about and it's so fun watching the team work together. His team gets better and better each game and I am so proud of all their hard work. Saturday, all that hard work paid off and they walked away with a WIN!! Cor scored THREE goals during the game, which in
soccer lingo is a "hat trick";)
 Saturday evening, we headed to the Annual Pumpkin Carve hosted by our sweet friends,
Jeff and Stephanie.
Riley helped me make these spider cupcakes to take to the party. Shane laughed when he saw them and said they looked more like elmo than spiders! HA!
Oh well...Riley and I thought they were cute;)
Okay... so let me just tell you... our sweet friends know how to throw a great fall party.
 I mean...just as soon as we pick out our pumpkin from the patch, our kids start asking WHEN the pumpkin carve party will be!
   And who could blame them...

with delicious food, fun games, a candy-filled pinata, a pop-corn buffet, a movie under the stars, and a fireworks display to look forward too!
Yeah...I told you they know how to throw a party;)
Once again, THANK YOU Davis family for yet another wonderful night of sweet fellowship and even sweeter memories!!!!!


Tracy said...

What a fun weekend! Way to go Corbin! A hat trick is awesome! My little guy usually plays goalie - soccer is fun. The spider cupcakes are cute, but I did think they were owls at first. =)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the family picture!

Kelly said...

What a fun weekend! That party sounds awesome!

My husband just finished his second Ragnar Relay from Chattanooga to Nashville last weekend. His 12 man team did a great job! I hope your marathon goes well!