Friday, August 16, 2013

Sand, Sun, Smiles!!!

We got back last Saturday evening from our annual trip to Surfside Beach, SC. I think, if my math is correct, this was my 25th summer spent at Surfside. I've gone every summer since I was a little girl and the same sweet memories I made growing up, are now the memories my own kids are making. 
Oh, it was SUCH a wonderful week (maybe the BEST one yet)
 filled with contagious laughter, unforgettable moments, and sweet SWEET memories.
 We've created so many wonderful traditions over the years that the anticipation of our trip is almost as much fun as the actual trip itself;)
 And although every year is the same in many ways, the memories made and the time shared each year is unique and special!

So here is my TOP TEN list of memory making moments at Surfside Beach, 2013
Memory Making Moment #1
Each year, as we head out of town, we stop at Quincy's and enjoy a BIG ole' breakfast buffet.
It's the ONE time a year where my kids are allowed to fill up on nothin' but doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, and ICE CREAM (yes ice cream) for breakfast;)

 Memory Making Moment #2
Cousin time!
What a blessing it is to have cousins around who are wonderful playmates and also best friends!!!

Memory Making Moment #3 
Ocean Time!
Of course, the beach is where we spend most of our time while on vacation.
 Around 9am every morning we stake out a spot, set up our tent, and hang out until about 6pm!
All the kids absolutely LOVE the ocean!!! Whether their jumping waves, boogie boarding, or just swimming in the water, they can't seem to get enough. 
 Needless to say we soak up EVERY minute of beach time that we can!

Memory Making Moment #4
 Sand Time!
When the kids aren't in the water, they are playing in the sand.

Digging big holes, building tall castles, or looking for pretty sea shells...the kids LOVE it all!

 Memory Making Moment #5
Spashin' around in the pool!
The kids enjoy the fact that they can go back and forth between the pool and the ocean as much as they like. We usually spend just as much time poolside as we do on the beach.

Memory Making Moment #6
Daddy Time...uninterrupted---and lots of it! 
So special!

Memory Making Moment #7
The Yum Yum Shop!
We visit this ice cream shop every.single.year while at the beach!
 It's a definite family tradition and one we all look forward too.

Memory Making Moment #8
Cruisin' the strip in our cool set of wheels;)
We love discovering new places that we may not have noticed before had we not had been able to just cruise around town on our golf cart;)

Memory Making Moment #9
Building sand creatures is just another one of our family's many traditions. 
My dad built BOTH of these this year and did such a great job!!!
The kids LOVE them!!

Memory Making Moment #10
Family time!!
So many sweet memories made with the people I love the most in this entire world!
Precious moments enjoyed that will indeed last a life-time!  


Michelle said...

So fun!!! Your family is so adorable!

Kristin said...

Ah!!! Family week at the beach is THE BEST!!!! How long did it take your dad to make those sand sculptures?????

Bethany said...

Finally! I was waiting for this post! The BEST week ever;)! Glad we will be staying here to make even more fun memories!

Sarah Campbell said...

How could you ever top a vacation like this? Amazing! What sweet memories your little ones will have of all this family fun. :)

Melanie said...

ALL of the pictures are the best.Best.BEST!!! I love seeing the pics of your annual beach trip with your family & hope that one day we are doing that with our now grown little ones & their families! Some of my favorite pics are the ones of you guys all lined up sitting on the beach looking at the ocean, adorable!!
What a special, blessed week!

Courtney said...

What an awesome family vacation. You are making so many wonderful memories for your kids. Hopefully one day you will still be there making memories with your grandkids.