Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring FUN!

Soccer season is in FULL swing at our house and we are enjoying EVERY minute! This year, Sophie and Hudson are joining the BIG boys as little soccer stars. They are LOVING the fact that they finally get to participate in the game after being spectators for so long!
 It's no surprise to us that Sophie is totally into the game! She is especially excited to play on the same team as her BFF, Zoe!  Hudson on the other hand is just happy and content to frolic behind his team-mates as they run back and forth on the green. He is improving each week and seems to be enjoying it none-the-less!
Not only are the little ones staying busy on the fields, but they are also staying pretty busy at home as well. We've enjoyed doing some fun spring crafts together and getting our house ready to celebrate the upcoming Easter season!
We are READY for SPRING!!!

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