Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Celebrating Our Hudson!

On April 16th, my littlest guy turned FOUR years old! FOUR...How is that even possible?!?!?
Four years ago, the Lord blessed me beyond measure when He gave me this precious boy! Since then, this little guy has stolen my heart AND managed to wrap me around his little finger (twice)! He is a true momma's boy and gives the BEST snuggles EVER. I know the Lord has BIG plans for my sweet Hudson and I can't wait to watch those plans unfold!
We enjoyed such a fun day celebrating our little Hud Hud on his birthday! 

It was beautiful outside, so the entire morning was spent at the park with some of our sweet friends!
We enjoyed a yummy picnic and some great playground time!
When Shane got home from work that evening, we had a special dinner together.
Lasagna, salad and garlic bread was what was requested by the birthday boy!
We washed it all down with homemade vanilla cupcakes, smothered in Nutella icing (YUMM-O)!!
After dinner, a special birthday surprise was waiting for the new four year old on the front porch!
Yeah...he was just a little excited about his neon green, lighting-FAST, race car bike!
Happy Birthday Hud!
I hope you had a great day, because we sure had FUN celebrating YOU!!!

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Bethany said...

He looks a lot like you in the bottom pics.