Saturday, December 8, 2012

Counting Down...

If you haven't already gathered, I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! I LOVE everything about it. The trees, the lights, the traditions, the time with family, the crafts, the celebrations...OH, it ALL makes me giddy. 
And at our house,  the count down to Christmas Day is as much a part of the FUN and excitement as the actual day itself ! I love the anticipation as we hurry-up and wait for Christmas to officially arrive!!!!
This year, the kids and I have a few advent calendars we are following. Every morning, it's a full on race to get dressed and get down stairs in order to open, pull, or mark off another day that's gone by. The chocolate calendar is the BIGGEST hit! No surprise there! Every year, my Grandma gives one to each one of the kids. They LOVE it and can't wait to get their little chocolate fix each morning. 

My favorite one is our family activity advent calendar which is hanging on the stairs. Every day, a different Christmas activity is listed on the back of each number displayed.
The kids have fun pulling a number and then seeing what Christmas fun is in store for them on that day. It's also a great way to ensure we get in all the Christmas activities planned for this month and not miss out on anything.
One of the very first numbers the boys pulled this past week said  "Make your own Christmas countdown"! They both got busy with their supplies and made these neat Christmas tree advent calendars. They turned out so cute and I know the boys enjoy taking off a ring each morning.
Those trees are getting shorter and shorter by the day;)

The Advent Book has also become a special part of the Christmas countdown for our family.
Our sweet friends, the Howard's, have two of these beautiful books, so they graciously allowed us to borrow one of them.  
Each day, a beautiful door is pictured and another piece to the Christmas story is opened.
Each night, right before bed time, the kids gather on the couch and listen intently as Shane reads another part of the Christmas story to us.
Definitely the high-light of the entire day;)

 It's so much fun to countdown and anticipate Christmas Day and the birthday of our Savior!!!!!!
Only 16 days 18 hours 7 minutes and 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 seconds....


Brian & Ashley said...

Love your new picture! Great job creating fun traditions and memories for your family. They'll always treasure them.

Melanie said...

Love all the ways you are building the anticipation & celebrating Advent in your home! Glad you are enjoying the Advent Book, it is a treasured Christmas tradition here, too!

Michelle said...

I love your blog :) We can't wait to make our gingerbread house soon! Your family is precious. You inspire me to get more activities documented as I read about yours!!