Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Sweet Saturday

Sadly enough, Shane heads back to work bright and early Monday morning. We've certainly enjoyed his time off and hate to have to send him out the door tomorrow morning. And even though the big boys still have a few days left on their Christmas break, it just won't be the same with out Shane here to hang out with us. He definitely holds the "cooler" parent status in this house;) 
So Saturday marked our last and final hurrah of our Christmas vacation! We decided it would be fun to take the kids out to breakfast and then had a little surprise planned for them. 
We got up and headed to our favorite "dive" called Johnny K's for their famous breakfast pancakes. We adore this little restaurant and have been going to eat here for many years. It's just a small family owned diner in our little town and most of the customers there are police men, fire men, and EMS workers. There's just something about sitting and eating at a table surrounded by people in uniforms that make my kids behave a LOT better than usual;)
After breakfast, we took the kids for a little drive and headed to a place called "Airport Lookout Park". 
It's a park close to the airport with a perfect view of the airport runway. 

You can easily see planes take off and also watch them land. 

It was a little chilly on Saturday, but it definitely would be a fun place to take a picnic when the weather is a bit warmer.
Hudson thought it was the COOLEST PLACE EVER and had a hard time leaving when it was finally time to go. 
He would cry and say "Just one more plane PLEASE, just ONE more..."
That night, the kids made their own pizza's for dinner. 
{Funny story...Riley couldn't find his Christmas pj's shirt so he wore last years. I even helped him look for it, but I couldn't find it either. I never noticed-- until I posted these pictures-- that Cor had Ri's shirt on all along...HA!}
My kids always eat a whole lot better when it's something they helped make;)
With lots of toppings to choose from, everyone put together their most favorite combination.
Once our pizza's were HOT and ready, we headed upstairs to enjoy a "pizza picnic" in the playroom. 
We watched "Lady and the Tramp" and did our best to savor one last quiet night at home before the hectic schedule of the new year begins again. 


Melanie said...

What a GREAT way to spend a Saturday! That park looks so cool, we will definitely have to check it out sometime! You always have the neatest ideas! I am sad to see this week of break go, too...back to the grind is coming all too quickly!

Love Being A Nonny said...

What a FUN day!!! Love the pajama story!!!!!! LOL!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Your family is so much fun! I have never made a homemade pizza. I should get on that!