Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Merry Christmas Eve, 2012

Just like I had hoped, prayed, and anticipated, this Christmas was SUPER sweet!  Having Addy-Kate HOME made it so very special and I did my best to savor EVERY minute. There were moments of mayhem, and moments of chaos.
 But there were also moments of togetherness, moments of laughter, and moments of pure JOY!
And just like Mary, I did my best to ponder it all and treasure it in my heart. 
Christmas Eve morning started bright and early as I met several of my neighbors for a "reindeer run" through our neighborhood. We dressed in our festive Christmas attire and at each of our houses, we stopped to carol to our families. 
My kids loved it and sang along with us as we serenaded them with a rousing round of "Jingle Bells"!

That afternoon, we got dressed in our Christmas finest and headed to church for the candle light Christmas Eve service. It's hands-down one of the most beautiful services of the entire year and it truly sets the tone for the rest of our Christmas celebrations. 
HE came! HE died! HE rose! HE lives!
The true and ONLY message of Christmas!
Immediately after church, we headed to my parents house.
And let me tell you, this is where the FUN really begins!
Christmas at Mimi's and Papa's is the BEST!
And this year, my brother (aka Uncle Steve) was HOME to celebrate with us! Sophie is totally smitten with Steve, and I have a hunch the feeling is mutual!
 With presents, paper, and people EVERYWHERE...our time together is NEVER dull!
It's crazy, it's busy, it's CHRISTMAS!!
 My Daddy and his four girls!

 And this picture I will treasure...FOREVER! My two brothers, three sisters, and my sweet Grandma! 
What a blessing it was for us to be ALL TOGETHER this year;)

 After presents, everyone got into their comfy Christmas PJ's!
Oh.My.Goodness y'all...can I just tell you how much work it was to get this one photo!
The mayhem going on behind the camera was...hilarious!!!
By the time we left my parents house and finally arrived home, it was getting late. 
The kids were getting excited and knew it wouldn't be long before the "big guy" made his much anticipated appearance.
They quickly got to work getting the house ready for his arrival. 
Peanut butter cookies and cold glass of milk was placed by the fireplace,
and, of course, we couldn't forget Santa's four-legged helpers.
With reindeer food sprinkled on the grass and driveway, we were finally READY!
It wasn't long before EVERYONE was snug in their beds and fast asleep--dreaming of the Christmas surprises that awaited them in the morning.....


Melanie said...

What a jam-packed, super-sweet, beautiful & blessed Christmas Eve! Don't know how you fit so much fun into one day, but the photos are all precious! (Sorry that we missed seeing you guys looking your finest at church! Those bow-ties are TOO cute!)

Courtney said...

What a magical Christmas Eve. The kids look adorable in their Christmas finest.

Brian & Ashley said...

Merry Christmas Sweet Friend! Love all your pictures!

Brian & Ashley said...

Merry Christmas Sweet Friend! Love all your pictures!

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures !!! Your Christmas seemed amazing !!! So glad your little girl was home with you all this year :)
Merry Christmas !

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

All of the family shots are beautiful!