Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple Pickin' 2012

On Sunday, we headed to the mountains for an afternoon of apple pickin' fun! We were actually supposed to go last weekend with our Sunday School class, but with rainy weather predicted for the day, we unfortunately had to cancel that trip. We were all soooo bummed!
Weekends are usually really busy for us, so when this past Sunday afternoon looked uneventful, we quickly took advantage of the day and headed to the mountain top!
This was only our second year visiting Sky Top Orchard, but it's quickly become one of our family's favorite fall activities. 
The day was absolutely perfect!
The weather was cool, the breeze was light, and the sweet aroma of apples filled the air. 
With thoughts of apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce, and apple muffins in our minds, we headed out to the orchard excited to fill our baskets to the brim.
The kids were so helpful as we hunted for the ripest and tastiest of apples. 
Sometimes finding the BEST meant a little taste testing was required.
And sometimes finding the BEST meant it was necessary to climb to the tip top of the tree. 
Whatever it took, we were ready and willing;)
It wasn't long before our baskets were full and almost overflowing. 
We made our way back down the mountain, being careful not to bruise or damage any of our precious loot in the process.
HOT and FRESH apple doughnuts awaited us, and were our sweet reward for all that hard work we did in the orchard.
After our yummy snack, the kids had fun running and playing on the playground.
Soon it was time to head to the petting zoo, where the kids enjoyed feeding the animals a little treat as well.
After a run through the bamboo forest, our day on the mountain was complete!
We loaded up and headed home, dreaming about all we would make with our apples!
Before arriving home though, we made one last stop for dinner AND to sing "Happy Birthday" to our Sophie.  Sunday was Sophie's actual birthday, so we celebrated in style over a pizza hut pizza and a few (leftover) cupcakes;)
(Notice Shane's hand in the pictures above. That was our makeshift candle, since this mommy forgot to pack one before we left home--oh well)

Anyway, it was still a very sweet way to end our fun-filled apple pickin' adventure;)


Melanie said...

Yay! So glad that you guys got to go & enjoy a fantastic day apple picking! All of your pictures are adorable! My favorite is the one of Sophie & AK sitting back-to-back on the wagon eating their apples, precious! And the make-shift "candle" for Sophie's birthday is very cute! What a great way to spend a birthday!! Now bring on the apple recipes!!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Oh gee's so dang cute. Love the outfits and most of all the big smiles on the kids faces. You're such a fun mom. :) xo, Jessica

Sarah said...

Your children are So beautiful!! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

How fun! I love how your family coordinates. The girls outfits are adorable!!!